Infrastructure/US Unit Meeting, 21/01/2011

Action Points

When raised Action What Comments
21/01/11 US Move screen from shelf in self-managed server room  
21/01/11 US Get diagram of who sits where on levels 6/7/8 in AT  
21/01/11 US/Inf Move DCC to IS wire  
21/01/11   Raise the issue of profiles for self-managed machines at Operational meeting  
21/01/11 US Remove redundant MDP machines from ipfilter file  
21/01/11 US Who manages roles ? Take to CEG  
21/01/11 Toby Will increase frequency of afssyncgroups script  
21/01/11 Toby/Lindsey Start account deletion  
21/01/11 Toby Provide a summary document giving a brief Prometheus overview with example of new staff creation  
21/01/11 All Provide feedback on success of meeting to Operational meeting  

Physical Infrastructure

1. Locking server room door.

Support are ensuring that the server room door is locked.

2. Touch screens

It was agreed that Support would maintain the hardware. It has still to be decided who would maintain the content. The machines running the touch screens should not be upgraded to f13 - they are essentially servers and should stay at sl5 for now.

3. Dexian rack in server room

This is meant for otherwise 'idle/spare' machines. The switches/power bars are hot spares so no critical machines should be put on the rack. The power bars to use are S98 and S99 and the switch is sr99. They are all a standard configuration.

4. Self-managed server room

The screen currently on one of the shelves should be moved to create a little more space. Any 'managed', non-rack mounted machines could go in the main server room but more thought required in deciding exactly where.


1. AT6/7/8

It was agreed that a diagram of who's where is required. DCC should move to an IS wire. We need to check with Alan Boyd which wire is appropriate. This will help to clarify the support that we provide i.e. apart from configuring network ports, all other DCC support issues should be reported to IS.

2. Checklist for when machines move

George asked if Support had a checklist for when machines are removed/redeployed. For example, George mentioned that there are a number of MDP machines in the ipfilter file which are no longer operational. Lindsey asked whether the AT MDP machines still need to be in the file. It was confirmed that Forum MDP machines no longer need to be but AT machines still do. The wider issue of whether all self-managed machines should have a profile was discussed. The possibility of having a standard header for self-managed, dynamic ip machines was discussed and it was suggested that this should be a topic for discussion at an Operational meeting. We don't have a complete checklist but there are guidelines on the support wiki regarding trying to keep the inventory accurate.

3. InSpace

George gave an update. InSpace will go on it's own wire, all under inspace.ed. There will be an rfe'able file and details will be posted once it's complete. The plan is to include a 'date from' and 'date to' so that a fixed ip will be given only during this period. The default setup will be that there is no external access.

4. Wire T

The plan is for the subnets in AT to be split for dynamic and static self-managed machines which is the current setup in the Forum.


1. CSO involvement with Prometheus

George asked any CSO who would be interested in becoming involved with Prometheus to e-mail Toby.

2. Account lifecycle

Toby will speak to Lindsey about starting to delete accounts. By this we mean, removing their entries from KDC, LDAP, AFS PTS and AFS VLDB.

3. Roles

It was agreed that the roles structure has become unwieldy and it's not clear who is responsible for managing them. This should be taken to CEG. The propogation of roles, including adding people to afs groups, can be very slow. The services script (afssyncgroups?) runs twice daily (9am and 1pm) but it was suggested that this should run more frequently. Toby will mail round when done.

4. Documentation

Ian suggested that, while Toby's documentation is comprehensive, it might be useful to provide a shorter summary document giving a general overview of Prometheus and include an example of the steps in producing an account for a new member of staff.

5. Other Prometheus questions

Lindsey asked whether Prometheus wrote anything back to the School database and Toby confirmed that it doesn't. Toby will be giving a technical talk on Prometheus in March.


It was agreed that we should provide feedback to the Operational meeting so that other Units can consider arranging similar meetings. We tentatively suggested that we should meet again in April.

-- AlisonDownie - 21 Jan 2011

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