Infrastructure Unit server "requirements" for Summer 2010

Infrastructure unit server requirements for the Summer 2010 spend, roughly in priority order. See also the inf-unit's kit list.

What Why Requirements Priority Comments
Prometheus server(s) NEW 2 x RAID pairs HIGH  
loghost NEW Reasonably large fast discs HIGH DevProj #155
KB console server Warranty exired in 2007 Reasonably large disc HIGH  
(AT console server) Previous machine broke Reasonably large disc HIGH Now in service
2 x cosign servers Warranties expired in 2009 Nothing particular HIGH Had previously thought of virtualising these
2 x nagios servers Warranties expire in June Fast discs essential; dual power nice to have HIGH  
KB LDAP etc server Warranty expired in 2009 Ideally 2 x RAID pairs HIGH DR
KDC master Warranty expired in 2009 RAID; otherwise nothing particular HIGH  
LDAP master Warranty expired in March 2 x RAID pairs Medium  
Forum console server Warranty expires in July Reasonably large disc Medium  
3 x "external" nameservers Warranties expired in 2009 Nothing particular Low Backup routers
jabber server NEW Dual power nice to have; otherwise nothing particular Low Currently running on a nagios server, but splitting off would make management of both easier

The warranty expires on the AT and KB network infrastructure servers and routers in July, but replacement can probably wait for the next spending round.

-- GeorgeRoss - 19 May 2010

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