Printing Using Infcups

Status Check using CUPS Web Interface

The web page is available at

On this web page you can check the CUPS queue for stuck jobs if you click on the printername. You can't cancel a job from this interface, so if the printer is not running (e.g. showing red): on as root run /usr/sbin/cupsdisable printername

Status Check using Printer Web Interface

Log on to a print server and run a browser. Not the one you normally use or it will spawn a new window, which is not what you want. Browse to eg: You can examine and change the printer settings.

To find jobs in the print queue: login to the print server, become root and look for the df* files in /var/spool/lpd/queuename.

Determine IP address of selfmanaged machine

Until kerberised printing has been set up in Forum, we can't determine real user/UUN from a print job submitted from a selfmanaged machine/laptop as we only see the name of their local account. We can establish which IP address they were connected to meaning we can then determine their location via netmon.

On infcups as root, grep for their 'Name' of file, 'User' or jobID in the following file:


which shows the following info, one line per page printed:

if213m0 joxley 374683 [22/Nov/2011:14:32:11 +0000] 1 1 -

Further CUPS documentation can be found here:

-- LindseyBrown - 10 Dec 2013

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