IPv6 niggles

rsync using a "hosts allow" list

rsync is inclined to prefer IPv6 if it can use it, and if a machine uses a global dynamic address then it likely won't match against this "allow" list if forward/reverse matching is in place unless there's a %slaac entry for the hostname.

A workaround is to use the "-4" flag to tell rsync to prefer IPv4.

ssh has AddressFamily=inet by default

The network machines now all set it to "any", with no bad effects so far. Is this just historical?

Removed from SL7 too now.

The 'w' command doesn't do reverse lookup for IPv6

If you 'ssh -6' into an SL7 host, the 'w' command on that host will show the IPv6 address of your client machine. It doesn't appear to attempt a reverse lookup to get the FQDN.

  • Hmm, works for me (gdmr). Which source and destination?
    • Operator error (ascobie) - need to remember that not all IPV6 clients are registered in the DNS

-- GeorgeRoss - 20 Apr 2016

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