Package locations

The server has a copy of everything.

How to find packages

Use 'whererpms'. It's fully supported and ships with the LCFG client.

Alternatively, login to the packages server ( and use the 'locate' command.

RAT Unit Advice

As of SL7 the yum repositories are sufficiently consistent that all you need to do is add dice/options/yum.h to any existing machine, start the yum component and search for your packages using this tool. We'd advise running as root to make sure that no cache from your home directory is used (which might contain results from other hosts). If you need a local copy of the package, use the yumdownloader tool. If you need to convert this to a package list, use the yumtopklist utility in cos/utils to convert it to a series of package specifications.

RAT also provide a findpkgs utility which finds locally-stored packages relevant to the current platform, but typically we'd suggest the use of whererpms unless you know what you're doing; it will have similar limitations on previously site-mirrored packages.

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