Homepages archiving/deletion procedure.

Previously (circa 2013) homepages were archived in /afs/inf.ed.ac.uk/group/support/archiving/. More recently we've used a script to automatically delete the homepages associated with old accounts that are empty, but any that homepages that contain data need to be manually deleted.

The script /disk/homewikipages/scripts/checkhomepages runs 3 times a day, and checks whether any web/cgi directory needs to be created or removed. If a directory belongs to an account that no longer has the homepages/html capability, and it's empty, then it's deleted. If the directory contains data, then a script (/disk/homewikipages/scripts/delete-user) is used to copy the directory to an archive, where it is deleted after a couple of months.

The script generates emails (sent to services-unit), which typically look like this:

Creating /public/homepages/s1234567/data 
Removing Web directories without a homepages/html capability
removeifempty (jbloggs)
/bin/rmdir: failed to remove ‘/public/homepages/jbloggs/web’: Directory not empty

When emails like this crop up (with the "failed to remove"), we don't act right away, but give it a couple of days in case the user regains their entitlements (perhaps they're changing contract or there's some other HR related issue).

If the same person crops up a few days in a row, then as root on bahookie:

/disk/homewikipages/scripts/delete-user jbloggs

You can give it more than one space separated UUN do delete a batch.

If there's a UUN that catches the eye, then we double check if it is really supposed to be going. If it isn't and the DB isn't changed to give back the necessary entitlements, then we give them the role "honorary-homepages" to get them off the list.

-- RossArmstrong - 24 Aug 2020

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