Information on Dell R610 and R710


  • Ether : The Dell R610 and R710s come with four ethernet ports as standard. One ethernet controller supports eth0 and eth1, a second supports eth2 and eth3. Clearly it makes more sense to bond across the two controllers, so you should bond eth0 and eth2, rather than eth0 and eth1. The simplest way to set this up in LCFG is to #define LCFG_HWADDR_ETH1 to the value of the eth2 port's mac address.
  • DRAC: The base R610 and R710s come with an IPMI management controller embedded on the motherboard. The IPMI shares the eth0 port. Some of our R610/R710s were ordered with the add-on management controller card, called a DRAC. This card has its own dedicated ethernet port which should be used. IPMI setup is pretty similar as for non DRAC machines, but remember that you don't want VLAN tagging enabled on this port.
  • PXE booting: PXE booting works, but for some unknown reason the PXE menu won't accept input. The solution is to set the pxeclient.default_label resource to the PXE menu option you require. Eg. pxeclient.default_label mSET(sl564serial)

-- AlastairScobie - 27 Oct 2010

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