A list of Quirks which are not really bugs, and not really likely to be fixed or changed, but which are nonetheless likely to cause upset if an explanation can't be found easily...

Equate overrides

If an equate is originally defined following a line break any re-definition must do the same - for example:

%%equate FOO "bar"

can be overridden by

%%equate FOO "bar"



must be overridden thus:

   "new value on its own line"

%%banner definition

Banners can only be defined additively, so setting %%banner %foo in one conduit and then attempting to override it with the same %%banner %foo statement in a dependent conduit will result in both banners being printed in the latter.

The easiest solution is to split the banner definition in the base conduit:

%% banner content here
%%banner %TITLE
%% stub which looks up the banner

and to predefine an empty banner in the overriding conduit:

%% include existing conduit
%%include "conduits/TPXXX_Existing_Conduit"
%%include [...]

-- TimColles - 27 Nov 2018

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