To create a website URL such as

Here "project-name" just points at a bit of AFS file space, and any files (typically HTML) just appear on the web at that location. How the HTML is generated and managed is up to the user.

We have similar "workshops.inf", "events.inf", and "conferences.inf" URLs.

Create the group space as usual, then create a sub-dir called "html". Set the afs acl's so that both the top level and html dir are readable by the webserver.

  fs setacl /afs/<groupname> system:afswebservers rl
  fs setacl /afs/<groupname>/html system:afswebservers rl

Change unix ownership of the html sub-dir to root

  chown root /afs/<groupname>/html

On the groups.inf webserver, create a symlink in the appropriate groups/conferences/workshops/events directory under /disk/data/httpd

ln -s /afs/<groupname>/html <project-name>

-- JenniferOxley - 07 Mar 2014

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