The following partitions are reported by logwatch as being > 90% full. Running out of space on an AFS partition is not good.

Neil's AFS server usage script is very useful.

Note that mirror partitions are not included, as these only become an issue if the corresponding source location fills beyond the mirror partition's capacity, but may happily sit at 100% for ages without problem.

AFS partitions:

Note that:

  • Forum servers are: huldra, kraken, nessie, yeti
  • AT servers are: cetus, keto, ladon, naga
  • JCMB servers are: hobgoblin, kelpie, nix, nuggle


Reasonably static research BBC data for Natural Speech Technology (there's no RO version of this)


Reasonably static research ML data, close to quota limit so unlikely to grow further.


mullo: /disk/ptn188, /disk/ptn189, /disk/ptn190, /disk/ptn191, /disk/ptn192

These are CSTR partitions on the SATAbeast (ami9, ami10, cstr[123]). Nothing has changed much in a while. Feel free to check with CSTR folk, though.


A not-in-service AFS test/play server, so not a high priority if anything fills up.

-- RogerBurroughes - 17 Mar 2016

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