Forum Preparation Team

team membership

  • Craig (Team Leader) 12/06 - 04/07
  • Chris 12/06 - 16/06, 02/07 - 04/07
  • Graham 12/06 - 16/06, 18/06 - 19/06
  • Gordon 12/06, 16/06 - 17/06, 30/06 - 01/07
  • Stephen 13/06
  • Iain 17/06 - 18/06, 20/06 - 23/06
  • Rosemary 17/06 - 19/06
  • Toby 23/06 - 26/06
  • Neil 23/06 - 25/06
  • Bill 23/06 - 27/06


The task of the preparation team is to make sure that by the time a Forum dweller moves into their new desk, all data connections to that desk have been checked and verified. To be precise, by the time a desk has been passed by the prep team, the following should have been checked:

  1. telephone installed, correct number assigned and able to call out

  • This will be a 2 stage task. Initially phones will have to be placed on desks and the rfe map handsets updated with the station ID and serial number on the phone on each desk. This map will be used to give each phone the correct number. We will then need to do a further pass to make sure that this has been carried out correctly. It is possible that we will have student help for putting phones on desks,

  1. patch cables live and connected to correct wire

  1. any additional patch cables installed, live and connected to correct wire

  1. users informed of which patch cable is connected to which wire

  • We need to think how best to do this.
    • Leave a sheet of paper on the desk?
      • (as I think the cables are supposed to be colour coded identically at each desk, a pre-printed sheet would serve this purpose well and serve as a visible marker of completion - if it's true! -- GD)
    • Label each patch cord with the labelers from the support offices?

  1. Printers installed on appropriate floor and working before arrival of occupants

Data Flow

We require the following information

  • list of people moving on next day (Ken)
  • list of network preferences (Ian)

We should pass on the following information

  • list of offices cleared for occupation (Arrival team/Alison)

Snagging List

A list of problems found is at ForumPrepTeamSnaggingList

-- CraigStrachan - 11 Jun 2008

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