Minutes of the Forum Migration group

Tuesday 11th December 2007

Present: George, Dave, Ken, Marije, Alison, Alastair, Ian Christie (IS)

1) Items raised but not discussed due to lack of time

2) Items Discussed

2.1) CO office allocation

     Marije needs to know which CO is going into which office
     by the end of November. Alastair will coordinate this (with CEG).
     Alastair has produced an initial CO office allocation and provided
     this to Marije.

     Marije reported that she is hoping to have a first draft allocation
     by 23/11.

     Marije is hoping to publically announce the office allocation on
     14th December.

2.2) Moving equipment

     We discussed who would likely move what category of kit.

     * servers/racks

       It is likely that we will require a specialist company to
       move our servers. They weigh from 10Kg to 50Kg; the racks
       weigh around 150Kg each. We will need to be especially careful
       with the Nexsan storage arrays. It won't be possible to move
       all servers at once; we will probably need several stages for
       each site. Alastair will ask IS and EPCC who they have used in
       the past.

       EPCC had told Alastair that they had had 18 complete racks
       moved in one go; the removal company had moved the racks
       with servers still in the rack. This had been rather scarey
       to watch!

       Marije reported that removal companies are visiting us on
       Thursday 13th Dec to assess what needs moved. Alastair will
       show them the JCMB server area. He will discuss the servers
       moves with them.

       [ACTION: ascobie] (11/12/2007)

     * printers/photocopiers

       Many of the printers are heavy (40-50Kg), but can probably
       be handled by the furniture removal contractor. It is unclear
       which printers will be moving to the Forum; it's also not 
       yet clear whether MFDs will replace photocopiers. Alastair will
       check with Craig.

       The current proposal is for the following printer deployment :-

       north printer room :- A4 high volume b/w laser and an A3 colour MFD
       south printer room :- A3 high volume b/w laser
       Craig reports that the MFD solution is looking good. 

       We still need to identify which printers will be moving to the
       Forum. Alastair will check with Craig.

       [ACTION: ascobie] (11/12/2007)
     * safes

       We may require a specialist company to move safes to the Forum.
       Alison will identify, with Craig, which safe or safe(s) will
       move to the Forum and which will stay at KB.

       Alison has discussed this with Craig. Craig suggests that the
       AT safe stays where it is, the FH firesafe moves to the Forum,
       and that the BP safe stays at BP whilst BP is still occupied by
       the University. Craig is checking whether the BP option 
       is possible.

2.3) Floorbox to closet allocation

     Dave commented that there is no detailed published documentation
     on which floorboxes are connected to which closet. We need this
     information in order to plan switch provision in each closet and
     to start drawing up our own wiring plans. Alastair will chase 
     BK for this information.

     Alastair has requested this information from BK and is awaiting
     a response.

     [ACTION: ascobie] (13/11/2007)

2.4) Handover during January/February

     Marije reported that Balfour will be handing over floors,
     or sections of, to the University during January and February. 
     We will have access to the handed over areas once snagging is
     complete, but before the furniture supplier; this will allow us
     to move floorboxes as required.

     Marije will ask Balfour whether this will include handover
     of the associated closets. Dave pointed out that wiring up 
     a closet takes around one man week; we have 16 closets
     to wireup.
     Ally Moore (Balfour) has confirmed that the IT closets will
     be handed over with the associated offices.

     Marije reported that Alasdair McKim is setting up a meeting
     with Balfour to discuss the handover.

2.5) Meeting with Balfour Kilpatrick (BK)

     Gordon Duckett and Alasdair McKim have suggested that we meet
     with BK in the near future to discuss details of the handover.
     Alastair will arrange.

     Alastair reported that there was a meeting, but that it had
     been conflated with another meeting about security; as a result
     only five minutes was spent on discussing details of the 
     handover. He will try and setup another meeting.

     [ACTION: ascobie] (13/11/2007)

     Alastair reported that there is a data/security meeting
     at 9am on 20th December and fortnightly meetings starting
     in the new year.

2.6) Cabling in furniture

     Marije will investigate whether it would be possible for the
     furniture supplier to route the power and network cabling
     when assembling the furniture on site. 

     Marije reported that we will be moving at the same time as other
     university units and potentially using the same removal company.
     It is looking like they won't be able to add extra staff resources
     to do the cabling, but would simply take extra time to do the new
     work. This wouldn't help us. 

     Another possibility would be to recruit some temporary staff
     to do the cabling work. Ken will investigate the costs and
     mechanism for recruiting so we can decided whether this is
     a viable option. Another possibility would be paid overtime
     for existing staff.
     [ACTION: ktd] (11/12/2007)

2.7) Newsletter article re effort

     Alastair will author an article for the CO newsletter to
     explain that effort will be tight during the first half of 2008
     and asking that any known requirements for that period are
     intimated ASAP. The article might also be suitable for the
     migration newsletter.

     Alastair has written this article.

2.8) Access to forum

     Alastair has attended the Balfour safety induction course. He
     spoke with the Balfour health and safety manager afterwards; it
     looks like all staff who will be working in the building prior
     to final completion will need to attend this course. We will
     need safety equipment for all. Marije will raise at the 
     appropriate committee.

     Marije reported that Ally Moore (Balfour) is investigating 
     providing a separate access to the Forum such that we won't
     need safety equipment. Staff will still need to attend the
     safety induction.

     After January, there is a possibility that we will also need
     CSCS cards to work in the building before completion. Gordon
     has asked David Wyse to check. (Alastair will report back)
     Alastair has raised this with Ally Moore (Balfour) who
     is going to discuss with Balfour management.

     [ACTION: ascobie] (20/11/2007)

     It was agreed that the Migration group should have a visit
     to the building before Xmas; 10am on 18th December was the
     agreed time. Marije will arrange this.

     [ACTION: mvugts] (11/12/2007)

2.9) Procurement - network switches

     Procurement of the network switches has gone out to mini-tender.
     The closing date is 10th Dec. We are hoping to procure soon after
     that date with a delivery in early January.

     George reported that quotes had been received for the network kit. 
     We plan to order the kit this month, with delivery to FH in the
     new year.

     [ACTION: gdmr] (20/11/2007)

     George wishes to commission the core and 1Gb edge switches prior
     to occupation. One possibility would be to do this in the 
     FH A20 tunnel. Alison will check if this is possible.

     Alison had confirmed that we can use FH A20 for this purpose.

     Ken will check the insurance position re storing the switches.

     Ken has asked Sheila, who thinks that this is simply a matter
     of adding the kit to the expensive equipment schedule. She can
     do this once the kit has arrived and serial numbers known. George
     should provide her with this information when the kit is delivered.

     [ACTION: gdmr] (11/12/2007)

2.10) Procurement - cables

     Dave is chasing pricing for cables. It was agreed that the
     number of desks should be used as a guide for the number of
     cables required. We can always purchase more later.

     Dave reported that he had received pricing for the cables. We
     will order the labelled cables ASAP (off the G40588 budget)
     as they have a longish lead time. We will order the office
     cables in the new year.
     [ACTION: dch] (11/12/2007)
2.11) Procurement - wireless

     Wireless provision is still to be bottomed out. George
     will be looking at this.

     [ACTION: gdmr] (20/11/2007)

2.12) Procurement - server area equipment

      George will be bottoming out our requirements for
      server racks, power bars and patch leads.

     [ACTION: gdmr] (20/11/2007)

2.13) Procurement - purchasing mechanism 

     Alastair will check with Gordon D and Alasdair McKim
     what the mechanism will be for purchasing kit out of
     the building budget.

     Alastair reported that for minor purchases we will 
     purchase from School budgets and then reclaim from 
     Estates. Major purchases (eg the network kit order)
     will be raised by Estates directly.

2.14) AV racks location

     We need to decide on the location of the AV racks. 
     Dave, George and Alastair to discuss.

     [ACTION: gdmr,dch,ascobie] (20/11/2007)

2.15) Transition

     We will meet on 27/11/07 to discuss how we move desktops
     from one building to another with minimal disruption.

     This meeting was held. Alastair needs to produce notes
     from the meeting.

     [ACTION: ascobie] (11/12/2007)

2.16) Order of occupation

     Marije reported that she knows where each institute is going in
     the Forum, but not which individual is going to each room.

     Marije's current best guess is that the occupation will follow
     this order :-  AT, JCMB, BP, FH. It is possible that BP may
     be moved before JCMB. She hopes that E&B will give a clearer
     indication of priorities by the end of the month.

     Marije reported that it is looking more and more likely
     that BP will move first, but this is still not certain.
     Hopefully we should know more in the new year.

     [ACTION: mvugts] (11/12/2007)

2.17) Phones

     Ian Christie of IS Phones and Security joined us for this meeting,
     and the following points were raised/discussed :-

     * Ian is happy for us to route the phone cables in desks

     * We will use white data cables for the phone data connections.

     * On initial occupation there will be only one phone per PG office.

     * We can keep our existing phone numbers.

     * We need to determine whether one large subnet, or several smaller
       subnets, will be used for the phones. George will discuss with
       Alan Boyd.

       [ACTION: gdmr] (11/12/2007)

     * There is a 40-pair capacity per closet for analogue phones. We
       will be using our structured cabling to connect the phones to 
       the closets. This provision is for emergency phones, fax machines
       and potentially polycom boxes.

       Marije will identify where we will be placing emergency phones and
       fax machines and which meeting rooms might need polycom boxes. We
       will need an analogue connection at each MFD. 

       [ACTION: mvugts] (11/12/2007)

       Ian suggested that we look at trialling the IP version of 
       polycom boxes. Alison will ask Austin if he's willing to trial
       one of these.

       [ACTION: alisond] (11/12/2007)

     * On initial setup, each phone is configured with a unique station
       number. This allows users to dial out, but not in. It also means
       that we can commission and test the phones before the users 
       occupy the building. 

       We need to provide Phones with the following information per
       individual :- name, phone number, move date, new room, new desk
       location and service quality. Marije will provide this.

       [ACTION: mvugts] (11/12/2007)

    *  Phones will be delivered to offices once the desks are cabled, 
       but *not* before the offices are lockable by Informatics.

    *  It is likely that IS security will be using "i-stars" for the
       access control doors. These receive their configuration data
       over an IP network; this means that we will need a data socket
       in the electrical risers. George will discuss this with
       Fiona Donaldson of IS.
       [ACTION: gdmr] (11/12/2007)

2.18) Lifts

     Marije reported that the lifts are still not ready; it is unlikely
     that the furniture will be installed before at least one lift
     is in service.

2.19) Floorbox relocation

     Inevitably we will need to move some floorboxes and provide 
     additional floorboxes once we have posession of the building.
     Dave and Marije will attempt to identify these; it would
     be a good idea to do this earlyish so that we can identify 
     whether we have sufficient spares.

     [ACTION: dch/mvugts] (11/12/2007)

2.20) Building Management System

     The Building Management System (BMS) needs EdLAN connectivity.
     George will discuss with Dougie Williams of E&B. 

     [ACTION: gdmr] (11/12/2007)

2.21) UPS 

     Alastair reported that at the last security/data meeting Balfour
     Kilpatrick had appeared to be unaware that we need some means
     of monitoring the UPS status. Alastair will chase with Kevin
     Ross of BK. 

     [ACTION: ascobie] (11/12/2007)

3) Ongoing items, with bring back date

3.1) Support office furniture (when?)

     We need to deliberate on our requirements for the support
     office area furniture.

     [ACTION: alisond]

3.2) CO office furniture (when?)

     We need to deliberate on our requirements for extra CO
     office  furniture.

     [ACTION: ?]

-- AlastairScobie - 13 Dec 2007

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