Forum fibre channel planning

Current position Aug 14th 2008

Host Card Nodename Location Unit Role
blurt QLA2340 200000e08b0d47cd KB MPU test
bottle QLA2340 200000e08b145e5e KB MPU RPM master
bunnocks QLA2340 200000e08b131d6a BP USU corpora.compute
diglett QLA2310 200000e08b09ea08 KB USU data mining
dresden QLE2640 200000e08b920320 KB MPU diydice,lcfg export
halcyon QLE2462 2000001b321ff7dc KB SERV HCRC linux file server
har ? ? KB SERV SRIF file server
hawthorn QLE2360 200000e08b056b25 BUSH RAT SRIF file server
hippocampus ? ? BP SERV NFS/AFS file server
mullo QLE2462 ? KB SERV test AFS server
munich QLA2340 200000e08b132cb4 BP SERV rsync server
pegasus ? ? BP SERV NFS/AFS file server
phantom QLE2462 2000001b320994d8 KB RAT large DB server
phoenix ? ? AT SERV NFS/AFS file server
roc ? ? AT SERV NFS/AFS file server
sphinx ? ? KB SERV NFS/AFS file server
stockholm QLE2360 200000e08b057225 KB SERV CVS/SVN server
stumer QLE2360 200000e08b05f128 AT SERV admin samba
telford QLE2462 2000001b321f0840 IF MPU build server
troll ? ? AT SERV ? (connected??)
vienna QLE2340 200000e08b16eee6 KB SERV rsync mirror
wyvern ? ? KB SERV NFS/AFS file server
ataboy1   ? KB    
atabeast1   ? KB    
satabeast1   ? KB    
satablade1   ? KB    
bpbeast   ? BP    
bioboy   ? KB    
satabeast2   ? KB    
sataboy1   ? AT    
Dothill1   ? IF    
Dothill2   ? KB    

** mullo isn't configured to use Qlogic in LCFG headers - using builtin qlogic..


-- AlastairScobie - 14 Aug 2008

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