Desk Wiring


Each desk has three power blocks :-

  • Two 4-way blocks mounted on the surface of the desk.
  • One 6-way block mounted in a basket under desk

For some as yet unknown reason, the building's designers saw fit to supply only two 13A sockets per floorbox. At some point (hopefully before occupation) an additional two sockets will be added to each floorbox; until then, we will connect up the 6-way basket-mounted block and the 4-way surface mounted block on the desk's longer length (to give power to kit on the extension leaf). Blocks must not be daisy-chained to overcome this shortcoming


Each desk has an associated floorbox. Each floorbox has two (to be four) 13A sockets and six data ports. We number each data port in the floorbox as port 1 to port 6. We have adopted the following colour and usage scheme for the ports and their associated patch leads :-

Port Colour Purpose
1 Black Phone
2 Blue 100TX
3 Red 100TX
4 Violet N/C
5 Light Grey N/C
6 Dark Grey 1000TX

By default, only ports 1, 2, 3 and 6 will be active (connected to a switch). Ports 4 and 5 can be made active where extra ports are required.

The data ports are numbered according to the ForumDataWiring scheme. Port 1 of a floorbox is the port with the lowest-numbered port ,with Port 2 being the next lowest, and so on. In the following picture, Port 1 is the port labelled 2/B/D13/1/13 and Port 6 is 2/B/D13/1/18.

Warning : there is no guarantee that the data ports are laid out in the configuration shown below!



Desk layout showing which coloured cables are to be routed through which holes. Note that the RED cable is fed through the extension leaf. (TBD: where does RED cable go in desks with no extension leafs?). The patch leads for the four active data ports will be wired into the desk before occupation; individual users can push the ends of any unrequired cables back into the cable basket.


Picture showing the cable basket under desk and the slinky for "hiding" cables. There is a 6-way power block in this basket; this is intended for the user's main PC and monitor and for permanently installed PSUs (eg for the phone).


This shows the slinky connected to the cable basket (not to the desk top) using a bolt and nut (yellow arrow). The bolt and nut are fixed to the cable basket first with the slinky then sliding onto the protruding bolt.


This shows the phone's PSU (yellow arrow) installed in the 6-way power block in the cable basket.

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