Final Project Report for Project 412 - Migration of backup services to TiBS Version 3


This project was originally started in early 2018 to cover the migration of the True Incremental Backup System (TiBS) in use within the School to version 3. The remit was considerably expanded however as the project progressed.


With the introduction of version 3 of TiBS, substantial changes were made to the format and location of several configuration files. Since Informatics uses the tibsconf component to configure TiBS, it was obvious that this component would need to be modified. Simply making the changes mandated by the move to TiBS3 would not have been too arduous but at about this time, Project 346 - Separate Backup Stream for MHR Data was started. Having a separate backup stream for sensitive data requires that we have more than one backup class defines within TiBS. When the tibsconf component was written, the (reasonable at the time) view was taken that we would never have more that one backup class and so the tibsconf component did not support multiple classes. This would require major changes to the component and it's associated resources and since I was already working on the component, and had the clearest idea of what would need to change to allow multiple classes, it was decided that I should carry out the work required for Project 346 as well. Since it would have been hard to come up with a definitive statement on which project a given change or piece of work was supporting, all effort on rewriting the tibsconf component was allocated to this project. This should be borne in mine when viewing the following effort figure:


Period Effort (hours)
2018 T1 18.25
2018 T2 20
2018 T3 63.5
2019 T1 69.5
2019 T2 122
2019 T3 3.8
Total 297.8

Final Comments

This project took longer than it should have since it contained a fair measure of CPD as I came to a fuller understanding of how components, and in partular resources work within LCFG.

-- CraigStrachan - 19 Dec 2019

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