Final Report : Improve LCFG apache configuration support (371)

The Goal

The main aim of this project was to update the LCFG apacheconf component to add support for Apache version 2.4 on SL7. This component is used widely in Informatics and this is consequently an essential part of the SL7 server upgrade process. Further to this the intention was to work through some of the various feature requests which had accumulated and generally improve the quality of the component code. Suggestions for improvements were submitted from the Informatics computing team and the wider LCFG community and are summarised on the LCFG wiki.

The Work

Full details of the changes made to the apacheconf component are listed on the LCFG wiki.

The original intention was that the new version of the component would only support Apache 2.4 and newer, that would have allowed the removal of the very crufty code used to create the necessary NameVirtualHost entries. It became clear from user feedback that keeping support for Apache 2.2 was going to be necessary so that the new component could be tested on SL6. In particular this helped separate the changes required for the Apache upgrade from the changes required for the new component. Rather than just copy the existing Apache configuration template for 2.2 a chance was taken to bring it up-to-date with the default provided by Redhat on SL6.

As well as updating the component, the LCFG headers for all the standard Apache modules were updated to take advantage of the new features where possible.

To help new users and those who are upgrading servers some basic configuration recipes are now available on the LCFG wiki.

The request for support for multi-line verbatim resource values spurred on the work to add support for a similar feature in the LCFG server. Any (pilcrow) characters in resource values will be replaced with new line characters. This makes it possible to work around the way cpp mangles whitespace.


This project took 41 hours of effort (approximately 6 days).

-- StephenQuinney - 06 Jun 2016

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