Final report: SL7 server platform (356)

The goal of the project

The project aimed to develop an SL7 server platform, to form the basis for DICE services to run on SL7. The aim was to provide support for server requirements such as:
  • A server install using server headers
  • Advanced networking features: bonding, bridging, VLANs
  • FC multipath
  • Monitoring (of all the above, and of other aspects such as hardware status, temperatures, disk space)
It was left open as to whether the project would go on to include support for other widely used technologies such as apacheconf. This project built on previous projects, especially Port LCFG to RHEL7 (296).

Work done

  • Added suitable default partition layout for SL7 servers.
  • We got server networking features (bonding, bridging, VLANs) configurable, and tested that this worked.
  • The Nagios (monitoring) client with remctl
  • We configured and checked IPMI (used for monitoring and communicating with servers)
  • Configured and checked hardware monitoring
  • Configured and checked our emergency overheating monitor system
  • Updated our local home directory system (used mainly on servers) to suit SL7
    • this included modifying the localhome component to support autofs (in addition to amd)
  • Configured and checked the extra monitoring systems used on our remote user servers (logwatch, psacct, rkhunter, fail2ban, auditd reports)
  • Checked basic installation / functioning of DICE SL7 on various common models of server
  • Checked that the various supported types of RAID controller can be configured and monitored with our software
  • Added support to the LVM component to identify physical volumes by UUID rather than by traditional /dev/sd style names (this because /dev/sd names are even more "unsafe" under SL7)
  • The starting and stopping of the bind daemon was moved from the dns component over to systemd. Getting this to work reliably took a considerable amount of "trial and error" work. The component "configure" method is now called prior to systemd starting the daemon (via an ExecPre statement) and the component is configured to only start once the daemon is running.
  • The LCFG apacheconf component is a core requirement for the delivery of DICE services. It was decided that porting it to SL7 would best be combined with a tidy-up which provided oft-requested new features and resolved some long-standing bugs. This work formed project 371, Improve LCFG apache configuration support.
  • Checked our monitoring for filled disks & storage.


From time to time we blogged about the project's progress:

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Time period Hours
T3 2015 123
T1 2016 97
T2 2016 20
All 240
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