Final Report for Project 272 - Deploy Git/Gerrit As Full Services


This project was requested by Paul Anderson who was making increased use of the School Git Not-A-Service for teaching. The project was intended to cover the work required to make Git and the associated code review tool Gerrit a fully supported service. The main body of work was anticipated to be ensuring that the configuration and installation of Git and Gerrit were managed via LCFG and to provide full user and supporter documantation. During the period of the project, it was realised that by utilising the AFS file system in use within the school, it would be possible to offer a git service which offered one of the most useful features of Gerrit, namely finely grained authorisation, along with several other useful features such as the ability for users to create repositories without the aid of user support. The scope of the project was widened to incorporate the development and deployment of this service.


By and large, the aims of this project have been met. Header files now exist which allow a machine to be easily configured as a Git, Gerrit or AFS backed Git server. Full support documentation has been provided along with a description of the various git based services available aimed at the users. The only area in which the aims of the project have not been fully met are in the installation and configuration of Gerrit. Gerrit is Java based and is distributed in the form of a large .war file. To install or upgrade Gerrit, this file is downloaded and an install script run which asks numerous questions about the Gerrit configuration. There are Gerrit RPMs available but they provide a default configuration unsuited to the School's use. It would be possibly in theory to create and manage a Gerrit configuration file using the file component but the format of the Gerrit config files frequently changes from version to version, meaning that great care would need to be taken to ensure that the generated configuration file matched the version of Gerrit being installed. In view of this, the decision was taken to continue to install.upgrade Gerrit via the .war file and to provide full documentation on the configuration responses required. This has been done.


This project has been running since the 6th of February 2013 though much of that time was spent on user acceptance trials. The breakdown in effort was as follows:

Period Effort (hours)
t1 2013 56
t2 2013 47
t3 2013 47
t1 2014 64
t2 2014 45
t3 2014 2
t1 2015 3
t2 2015 2
t3 2015 2
t1 2016 2
t2 2016 9
t3 2016 7
t1 2017 4
t2 2017 0
t3 2017 31
t1 2018 14
t2 2018 22

Total - 357 Hours

-- CraigStrachan - 10 Sep 2018

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