Development Project 158 - Move www.inf to new technology


This project, Move www.inf to new technology, was created to track the integration of central Polopoly based web content and local Plone content into the existing web service. Also to create a "live" off-site Disaster Recovery (DR) version of the web service.

The project was started in March 2010 and has rumbled on until May 2012. By May 2010 the Polopoly content was already online and the existing ISS pages in Plone relaunched in December 2010 as "student-services". The live DR service was working by July 2011. However only 26 days of effort have been recorded against this project. As the practical work had been done and the service in use, the polishing and writeup kept being put off in favour of other operational tasks.

As things have dragged on so long, and due to the expected switch from Plone to Drupal as the WCMS of choice, some of the original milestones have been dropped.



Some of the Polopoly content is proxied content generated by our Informatics Database. Conduits were written to produce the content, but recently these needed updating as the Informatics DB was updated to "3g". Unless you know the Inf DB intimately, it is hard to know/find out what the required changes are to migrate conduits to the 3g world.


4 weeks FTE were initially estimated and despite the real-time this project has lasted, we're only about 1 week over budget.

Period Time spent (days)
2010 T1 4.5
2010 T2 6.8
2010 T3 10.4
2011 T1 1.4
2011 T2 1.1
2011 T3 0.2
2012 T1 1.1
2012 T2 0.5
Total 26 (should be 26)

-- NeilBrown - 08 May 2012

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