Final Project Report - Project 130 - Content Addressable Storage (CAS) Encrypted Backup


The background for this project was well described on the project page and also here. In short, the project was to investigate a backup system (initially for Macs) which uses encrypted de-duplication. This project was initiated by Paul Anderson, with the bulk of the work being done by Zhang Le. Toby Blake from the Infrastructure Unit was involved from the Informatics CO community, largely to help with infrastructure requirements.


The project took approximately two and a half weeks of Informatics CO time.


Paul has submitted a LISA paper describing the project in detail (paper available on request). A command-line implementation has been produced.

Work which involved Informatics CO time consisted of:

  • general infrastructure requirements - server/disk space provision, simple cgi upload code
  • investigation/deployment of S3 service (using Eucalyptus)
  • help with testing
  • some initial stats gathering


We had issues with the S3 storage provided by Eucalyptus - in particular some operations were seen to be buggy and server-side authentication provided particular difficulties/lack of flexibility. Ultimately the project implemented a CIFS storage solution.

Future developments

Paul has submitted a paper to LISA and efforts are being made to secure funding for more coding to be done - future developments depend to a large extent on this. The main focus of additional coding would likely be optimisations to the code, particularly to provide speed increases.

Certain patent issues still require to be addressed.

If there was thought to be demand, the Eucalyptus service could, with a little effort, be provided to Informatics users as a not-a-service S3 service.

-- TobyBlake - 31 May 2010

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