Final Project Report - Project 122 - Progress TiBS to full service


This project was concerned with the development of the TiBS backup services in use within the school to the status of a full service with all installation, and configuration of the service managed via LCFG. The introduction and initial configuration of the TiBS service was completed under the auspices of project 4 - Review of Backup Technology. The vast majority of the work involved was carried out by Chris Cooke of the Managed Platform Unit.


Period Effort (hours)
Q2 2009 36.4
Q3 2009 145.6
Q4 2009 104.6

Total - 286.6 hours = 0.63 FTE


Most aspects of the TiBS configuration are now under LCFG control managed by the tibsconf component. Some aspects of the configuration, primarily the managing of which volumes and partitions are actually backed up are still configured manually at the moment. This will be addressed in a future development project.


Progress on the project was delayed by an issue with the component terminating prematurely when shutting down. This was traced to some bad programming practice in the shutdown script supplied with TiBS which caused it to be over enthusiastic in shutting down processes called 'tibs'.

Future developments

It was agreed at the project prioritization meeting held in November 2009 that two aspects of the TiBS service which were originally included within the remit of this project should be developed as separate projects. These are the introduction of self managed backups (project 151) and the further development of the tibsconf component to introduce support for managing the selection of volumes and partitions for backup (project 150).

-- CraigStrachan - 23 Feb 2010

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