Final Project Report - Project 120 - Moving kit from sites to Forum


This project was established to track the progress of vacating the server rooms of the sites no longer used by the School of Informatics after the move to the Forum and the moving of any retained hardware from those sites to their eventual final destination. This process started in roughly the 3rd quarter of 2007 and was finally completed earlier this year.


Though the task as outlined above would have been a major challenge by itself, it was complicated (and substantially lengthened) by a number of factors:

  • The delay in commissioning the Forum server room's air conditioning.
  • The refurbishment of the Appleton Tower server room resulting in us having to move kit from the Tower to Forresthill and back again.
  • The refurbishment of the KB server room resulting in us having to move kit to a temporary server room and then back into the main server room.


Given the above factors, it is my opinion that the various moves went remarkably smoothly with very little disruption to end user services. The one slight hiccup encountered during the various moves can be firmly laid at the feet of the removal contractors.


Though the majority of the planning of these moves was done by myself (cms), there can scarcely have been a member of the computing staff who was not involved in this project at some point. Unfortunately it would appear that most units lumped all effort involved in moving into the Forum into the same category so it isn't practical to produce an estimate of the total effort spent on this project.

Lessons Learned

Always make sure that the removal people have firmly affixed the racks to the side of the van.

-- CraigStrachan - 30 Jul 2010

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