FC5 Known Issues and Bugs

Changed behaviour

Partition layout changed

The default partition layout has had to be changed for FC5 DICE. This is because FC5 has grown in size and because we need a partition for the AFS cache. The default layout is now :-

/dev/hda1 25Gb / was 20Gb for FC3
/dev/hda2 2Gb swap  
/dev/hda3 2Gb /var/cache/afs NEW
/dev/hda4 free /disk/scratch only on desktops

Mounting removeable media devices (nasty)

Under FC3, udev and hal created mount points in /media and respective entries in /etc/fstab for removeable media devices such as cdroms and hot-plugged usb sticks.

This functionality is now handled by the window manager (only KDE, Gnome and XFCE supported) using gnome-mount. If you aren't running a supported window manager you can mount and unmount, as a normal, user using the gnome-mount and gnome-umount commands. Note, however, that you must have a current X session to do this; it won't work from a virtual terminal.

eg gnome-mount -d /dev/cdrom

POSIX Compatibility

The POSIX compatability level is now set to POSIX 1003.1-2001, which affects the syntax for several commands. This means that "sort +number" and "tail +number" are no longer supported. The recommended usage is "sort -k number" and "tail -n +number". Also, "uniq +number" should be replaced with "uniq -s number" and "touch number filename" should be replaced with "touch -t number filename". You should also do "head -n number" rather than "head -number".

Known Issues

* During a machine install, at the end of the install of the initial 300 RPMs updaterpms reports a FAIL because it can't find /boot/vmlinuz-package. This has no effect, it is caused by the kernel component stop method being called and attempting to update the kernel link in the installer rather than the newly installed system (which is mounted elsewhere at that point)

* KDE screensaver/lockscreen does not recognise password:- we have a fix which should be deployed shortly, in the meantime please do not use the screensaver under KDE

* Gnome screensaver locks when afs credentials expire:- if you have an afs homedir do not use the gnome screensaver/lockscreen program. We have a fix to gdm which should be deployed shortly.

* Unexplained lock-ups, we have a number of unexplained lock-ups where the system becomes unresponsive. Rt ticket number:27754

* Under 64 bit FC5, during the installbase it is possible to log in before the updaterpms run has completed. (This is because two versions of glibc are installed and restart init)

Known Bugs

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