New AFS Cache Partition

Changes have been made to the fstab resources to introduce the option of having an extra partition for /var/cache/afs. This is controlled based on whether _AFSCACHE_PARTITION is defined. On FC5 the default is to have a separate AFS cache partition. We spent quite a while thinking about this for FC3 and came to the conclusion that it was too complicated to set as the default across the board and support reinstalls that preserve data. We recommend that any new FC3 installs define _AFSCACHE_PARTITION in their profile. Be aware that some of the current testing/development FC5 machines will now have fstab resources that do not reflect the real physical disk layout.

Thus for FC5 there are now 3 standard partitions rather than 2 with the addition of /var/cache/afs. This has the knock-on effect of moving the scratch disk from (s|h)da3 to (s|h)da4. We have gone through all the headers and altered all the references to scratch and other local partitions so they have the correct device when AFS is being used. If you add any new machines and want to do any extra partitions you will have to take this into account.

Separate machine profiles have not been checked so if there are extra partitioning resources set in there they might not match up with what is on the physical disk when you do an upgrade to FC5.

Upgrade Notes

When upgrading desktop machines from FC3 to FC5. UNLESS you really need to preserve the existing disk layout I recommend putting


into the machine profile before doing a reinstall, which means that the main disk will be repartitioned. This achieves two things, firstly the root partition will be remade at the new larger default size of 25GB (rather than 20GB) and secondly the new AFS cache partition will be added.

If you are wanting to preserve the disk layout on upgrade to FC5 (or for any other reason do not want the AFS cache partition on an FC5 machine) you must put


into the machine profile (make sure it is before the #include of any headers).

-- StephenQuinney - 21 Jul 2006

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