DICE FC6 Upgrade


Release management
FC6 is a managed release. To find out more about the release system see the ReleasesFAQ.
CD images
CD images can be found in /afs/inf.ed.ac.uk/group/mp-unit/cdroms/
PXE booting
It is possible to install fc6 machines through PXE, choose either the fc6 or fc664 target, there are also versions of these targets for machines with serial consoles attached. Note that pxegrub (used by some really old machines) is not supported at the moment.
autobuilt software
Lots of components and locally managed software have been autobuilt to make the development process for DICE FC6 quicker and easier. Typically these will have been submitted to either the autolcfg or autodice bucket. When you have built, installed and tested your software you should submit to the normal appropriate bucket, e.g. lcfg, ed, dice. You should also remove any "autobuilt" labels against the package in the package lists or headers.
Defaults packages
Please, please, please submit defaults packages when you submit packages for your components, this makes it much easier to get the LCFG server up and running on an FC6 box.
Package buckets
Please submit packages to the bucket which matches the header or package list level, i.e. lcfg, ed, dice.
lcfg and ed level package lists
Please only add packages to these lists if you are sure they can be distributed externally and that adding them to those lists will be useful to external users. If it only helps Informatics users please put it in the appropriate DICE list. If the software is very specific consider adding it through the relevant header rather than the package list so that only those interested will get it installed.
On FC6 SCIM is enabled by default, this allows users to enter text in various languages in the gnome-terminal and the kde konsole (amongst other things). It is triggered by the key sequence ctrl-space. It can be accidentally turned on when using emacs in the console (rather than as a standalone X application) and is hard to stop afterwards, the simplest solution being to kill the terminal. To turn off this behaviour the user should use the im-chooser application. They will then need to logout and back in again from all running X sessions.

Local Resources

Fedora Resources

Hardware Support

Development Machines

The following machines are available to COs for building and testing packages.

  • fc6/develop - (none right now) - for i386 packages
  • fc6_64/develop - hamnavoe (a Dell Optiplex 620) - for x86_64 (64bit) packages

The following machines are available to users for building and testing their own software

  • fc6/stable - lochranza (a Dell Poweredge SC1425) for i386 packages (aka fc6test)

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