FC5 Services Project Report


As a reminder the brief description of this project was to:

Coordinate and monitor the transition of all DICE FC3 based services to FC5. The actual responsibility of transitioning the services will lie with the Unit responsible for that service.
All of the services that were running on FC3 have now been transition to FC5 (or later). The deadline of the beginning of January 2007 was not met.

The main cause of the delay in meeting the deadline, was the underestimate of the effort required. This was perhaps not helped by the delay in this project not producing a definitive list of services, and the "name and shame" web page that automatically kept track of which machines/services were still running FC3.

Lessons Learnt


Though Bugzilla is good at keeping track of what tasks need to be completed, and assigning those tasks to people, we (as a community) are not very good at keeping those bugs up to date. Indeed the master bug for the transitioning of the services, bug_small.png Bug #2040, was only closed in June 2007, even though all the services had actually been moved to FC5 by April. The delay was in chasing up open bugs for services that had actually be transitioned.

Recommendation: be more conscientious about keeping bugs up to date, and resolving them when the work has been done.

Name and Shame

As the information in Bugzilla was unreliable, the web page that I produced (to automatically check machine profiles and report the OS they are running) proved a good incentive for Units to get their machines upgraded. It also revealed just how Linux machine machines we have providing some sort of service, and helped indicate just now much work this project involves.

Recommendation: try to produce similar web pages where progress can be tracked automatically, and produce it earlier in the project.

-- NeilBrown - 03 Sep 2007

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