Fedora 13 release information for desktop users


Fedora 13 is now being implemented throughout the school as the default OS for DICE desktops. We have already upgraded the student labs in AT and are now in a position to start upgrading staff/PhD desktops.

Can I test f13 before my desktop is upgraded?

Yes. There is an alias, testf13, which you can ssh on to anytime to try things out. If you are happy with what you find, you can contact support to arrange for your machine to be upgraded.

What differences will I see ?

Login screen
This has changed for f13.
ext3 not ext4
ext4 is the default filesystem for Fedora 13 but we shall stick with ext3 for reliability.
Sleep has improved
It seems so far that sleep is far more reliable and significantly quicker under F13 than under SL5, so we may be able to make more widespread use of it.
Subversion has changed the format of its repositories again, so any use of subversion on F13 with existing checkouts will "upgrade" those checkouts and make them unusable from SL5. Either keep separate checkouts for each platform or just use subversion on one platform.
Token expiry
There is a convenient icon (set of keys) on the taskbar which lets you know when your tokens will expire.

Known problems ?

choice-no 64bit
Our support for the 64 bit platform is incomplete
choice-no X login slow
We believe this is because GDM insists on starting lots of extra helper apps. We will look at whether we can configure these out by default.
choice-no Thunderbird
By default, it keeps your mail locally and doesn't behave as expected when left overnight and tokens expire. You can, however, change the settings to not store it locally. To do this, while in thunderbird go to EDIT --> ACCOUNT SETTINGS --> SYNCHRONISATION & STORAGE. Under the Message Synchronisation header make sure that "Keep messages for this account on this computer" is not ticked.
choice-no Device permissions
The console user does not get given permission to access device files (such as the serial port). The details are in bug#329.
choice-no Setting Default Login Session
Some users have legacy settings that the desktop tries to load and either use the wrong session as default or a broken session. This can be fixed using the 'switchdesk' command to set the default session, e.g. switchdesk gnome

Research and teaching packages

The majority of the research and teaching packages are in place but there will be a link here shortly giving further information regarding versions and status of specific packages.

-- Main.psmith15 - 07 Oct 2010

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