List of Concerns, Issues, Bugs with the EdWeb Distribution

These lists should be reviewed periodically to see if they still hold. Updates to the EdWeb distribution may address some of our problems.

Some of the issues could be because we haven't got things configured correctly, or are not looking in the right place, probably due to lack of documentation and/or lack of effort (at our end).

Last checked Oct 2015 - Disto release 7.x-1.5


  • Assuming the recommendation is to only update via the distribution, then we're concerned about how long it takes for Drupal security updates to make it to the distribution.
  • If we request changes (and provide code) how long it may take to make it into the distribution.
  • When new updates do come out, with new features, it's unclear if we should expect things to "just work" or if we need to enable new modules, set new drupal permissions, we've certainly had to do this during some previous updates.
  • Lack of clear, centre provided, docs on recommended setup for the distribution. From recommended apache modules, php settings, etc to what you actually need to do within EdWeb to get a working site, though this latter bit is vastly improved.
  • Lack of information regarding the project. It would be extremely useful to know which bugs have been identified, workarounds for bugs, which bits of development have been scheduled for future releases. Also more lay-mans type explanations of what is being included in each update. Better communication and oppeness in general would save everyone time.


  • There seems to be a 2MB upload limit for items in the atom store. The last time we looked at this (months ago, certainly not with the current release), it seemed to related to the PHP upload_max_filesize limit, but when we increased it, the site broke!
  • Search searches the whole of - we've overridden this in a local theme to use local drupal search, but have asked for it to be rolled back in as an RFC.
  • Banner image too large - we've overridden this in a local theme to hide it, but have asked for it to be rolled back in as an RFC.
  • Child homepages do not show in the parent page left hand navigation. This behaviour does not work for our site. Plan to raise a RFC for this. Users have complained about this being confusing - I agree.
  • The lack of a delete function for pages creates issues with usability for users, clogs up the site with old material. Search functions like 'linkit' return all the unpublished content as well as live content which makes finding correct content harder. Removing unwanted content to an unpublished area results in live links following that node to the unpublished area.
  • In page edit mode under references this message is here "References to this page - In future, you'll be able to see a list of all pages that link to this page." This would be very useful if it worked especially given the workflow of removing unwanted content to the 'unpublished' as mentioned above.
  • Lack of functionality regarding node access control. We really need some kind of functionality that would allow us to create private areas or nodes which could only be viewed by certain people or roles.


  • Sometimes homepage edits do not publish directly from the Edit Draft page, we have to do it from the Moderation option.
  • Uni crest and logo link back to root of local distro, not back to - we've fixed in local theme, and reported back to web project.
  • Deletion of an asset from side bar can cause issues if the asset is still in use on pages. Any page that may still have a deleted asset on it may show a white screen when going into edit mode. Only fix to the white screen I have found is to unpublish the page and create a new one from scratch. Deleting all instances of the live asset from each page before deleting it means the above issue does not happen but you need to know where these are and you don't always know that.
  • The publishing review date functionality doesn't seem to work i.e items that have been date tagged do not show in dashboard.
  • When a url is edited, any child url's do not automatically update. Each child page had to be opened and saved again in order for url paths to be updated. This could potentially be an enormous amount of work if a high level url is changed and there are many sub-pages. NB - better workaround discovered, urls can be bulk updated using bulk unpublish then bulk publish options - better but should really be automatic.
  • Cannot remove an existing link from some text with the tools in the edit window. You have to delete text and rewrite it.

-- NeilBrown - 22 Oct 2015

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