RHEL7 based LCFG Port

We have been marking the completed work on the project plan. All the information associated with the port is linked from https://wiki.lcfg.org/bin/view/LCFG/SL7PortHome

Status Highlights

Component auto-builds
Helped us discover common problems which affect the building of LCFG components on EL7. The issues are mostly solved, see https://wiki.lcfg.org/bin/view/LCFG/BuildDependencies for details.
Package lists
Basic package lists now exist.
Header files
There has been a lot of churn in the LCFG header files to add support for EL7.
Lots of work on the installer to convert it to systemd, we can now install EL7 machines from an ISO.
Extra components
accessconf and auditd components have been added as defaults.
EL7 uses networkmanager (with a plugin to parse the old-style config files). This works for desktops but might not be good enough for complex server configurations.

Associated Development Work

New systemd component, this is being handled as a separate project
EL7 uses grub2 so we have a new component.
component updates
hardware, nsswitch, tcpwrappers components rewritten into Perl
Calling service actions
A new platform-independent API for calling service actions (e.g. "om apache restart"). See https://wiki.lcfg.org/bin/view/LCFG/ControllingDaemons for details.
ngeneric changes
(All described in the sl7 project blog)
New isstarted component method
Can now check if a component is started by calling a component method and testing the exit status.
Can specify exit status
It is now possible to control the exit status of your component methods.
Location of run files
The location of LCFG component run, status and lock files has been changed so they are under /run

-- StephenQuinney - 06 Aug 2014

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