EL7 Standard Partition Layout

General plan:

  • New /tmp partition
  • New /var partition
  • Switch to ext4 as the default filesystem

For EL7 the proposal is to use the following partition layouts:


We will increase the default size of the desktop root partition from 40GB (which included provision for /tmp and /var) to 70GB, that should provide plenty of space for additional large software packages.

Mount Point Size Mount Options
/ 70GB defaults
/var 10GB nosuid,nodev
/var/cache/afs 8GB nosuid,nodev,noexec
/tmp 10GB nosuid,nodev
/disk/scratch free nosuid,nodev

Swap size automatically comes the amount of RAM so is likely to be 8GB.

Total specifically allocated is likely to be approximately 106GB.

Minimum desktop disk size is believed to be in the Dell 745 with 160GB, that leaves a minimum scratch space of 54GB.

A similar layout to this would be needed for servers which require a "full" software installation.

Small Server

Mount Point Size Mount Options
/ 5GB defaults
/var 3GB nosuid,nodev
/var/cache/afs 8GB nosuid,nodev,noexec
/tmp 2GB nosuid,nodev
/disk/scratch free nosuid,nodev

Currently the small server root partition is 10GB which includes a provision for /tmp and /var.

A small server with no particular AFS requirements could have a much smaller AFS cache partition (or none at all if localhome is being used).

Multi-user servers probably ought to have a larger AFS cache (at least 16GB).

Any scratch space could be reallocated to /tmp instead.

-- StephenQuinney - 08 Jul 2014

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