Setting Up ECDF Space via NFS on DICE

To access the ECDF Informatics space on a DICE desktop here via NFS you need to do three things.

First add a SRIF address (129.215.175.*) for the host in DNS, eg.

  [timc@topcat ~]$ rfe -g dns/inf | grep myhostname myhostname myhostname-srif

There is a specific range of addresses for hosts at KB and AT (which also covers FH and BP). There is a very limited range of addresses at the moment. There is no SRIF available at BP yet, although the necessary hardware is all in place. The ECDF space is exported to our full range of SRIF addresses.

Next add the SRIF VLAN to the host on the switch port, eg.

  [timc@topcat ~]$ rfe -xf atnet/myhostname
  at6a.ports:port B18 6.09_138_myhostname - M SRIF

This should work in AT, KB and FH but still needs to be setup for BP.

Finally add the appropriate dice/options/srif-vlan-xx.h header to the machines profile. For a machine in KB this will be dice/options/srif-vlan-kb.h and for a machine in any of the central area sites this will be dice/options/srif-vlan-at.h. This header creates the SRIF interface and sets up a static route (so that traffic to the 129.215.94 network which the ECDF servers are on is routed through the SRIF network).

Probably now need to reboot the machine.

The ECDF space should then be accessable at the following paths (automounted via AMD maps):

   /group/ecdf/inf    # for /export/informatics
   /group/ecdf/work   # for /export/work/informatics

Note that depending on the users needing access to the space you may also need to create roles/groups to match the ECDF entries and add users onto these roles.

-- TimColles - 21 Nov 2007

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