How to download new server firmware updates

We have Dell servers and HP servers. Here's a list of the models we have.


We currently only have one HP server model, the DL 180 G6. HP helpfully mails the MPU whenever there's a new firmware update for this model, and even provides a download link, so the HP firmware updates are easy to get hold of.


Dell is more awkward to handle than HP since it doesn't seem to be possible to get Dell to mail us to alert us to new firmware updates. Instead we have to go to the Dell website, search for firmware updates and download those we want. Here's how to do it.

Go to the Dell website.

  • Visit
  • Click "Support" and "For Work"
  • Scroll down and choose "Servers, Storage and Networking"
  • Choose "PowerEdge"
  • Select the model you're interested in - e.g. PowerEdge R210 II
  • Click "Get Drivers"
  • Change "Operating System" to "Red Hat Ent Linux 6"

Check for Urgent updates first.

Change "Importance" to "Urgent".

Go through each category looking for updates.

  • Ignore updates to hardware which we don't have - e.g. tape drives, UPS.
  • Establish some way of remembering both the server model and the category for each filename you download. For example "Dell R900" and "BIOS".

How to download a Dell update

  • Never "Add to download list" as that's a Windows-specific thing and doesn't work if you're on a Linux machine.
  • Instead "Download this file" individually.
  • Pick the ".BIN" file from the list. Ignore ".exe" as that's for Windows.
  • Having done that it would be great if you could go back and download the .txt file too if there is one. There sometimes isn't.


If you finish doing the Urgent updates and you haven't downloaded much at all, go back and change the category to "Recommended" and check again.

The firmware directory

Once you've downloaded the updates, put them in the firmware directory.

  • cd /afs/
  • cd dell (or hp)
  • Find a directory for the model you've got updates for, or make it if it's not there. Change to that directory.
  • mkdir new; cd new
  • Copy your downloads into that directory.
  • Please also make it obvious which filename is for what - e.g. which .txt belongs to which .BIN, and what the 'category' was, for each thing you downloaded.
  • Once that's all done - mail the MPU with the name of the directory and they'll sort it out from there.

-- ChrisCooke - 22 Jan 2014

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