How to install a DICE machine

BIOS settings

  • Enter BIOS (usually F10)
  • Take a note of the mac address from the Advanced System information
  • Change the administrator password to the DICE one
  • If an HP G2 or G3, load the BIOS settings from the usb stick in IF-2.09 or AT-4.11
  • If an older spec machine, you may need to manually enable settings such as Virtualisation (VTX) and remove boot from CD, usb

Register machine, must be done in this order

  • Check hostname is not already in use (ii query)
  • Allocate IP in dns/inf
  • ssh lcfg and run:
    tail -f /var/lcfg/log/server
  • Create lcfg profile in format below. Must contain first install line at the top of file. Set correct machine model and the wire to match the IP range.

 /* helena */  #define FIRST_INSTALL  #include <dice/os/sl7.h>  #include <dice/hw/hp_elitedesk800g3.h>  #include <dice/options/office-forum.h>  #include <live/wire_forum.h>  dhclient.mac 18:60:24:98:b8:82 / * End of file */

  • after saving the lcfg file, return to your window on lcfg server to check it compiles successfully
  • If the machine has previously had a different IP address, then you will need to kick the server depending which building you are installing the machine in
 ssh ifdhcp (or atdhcp)
 om dhcpd configure 

Install the machine

  • Boot up machine and keep pressing F12 until it enters PXE (network boot)
  • If machine fails to contact lcfg server, check you have the correct mac address, and network port is on the appropriate wire
  • From the DICE install menu, select SL7
  • Enter the install password
  • Wait a moment until the prompt to press 'I' (Install) followed by 'Y' (Yes to confirm). If it fails at this point, probably an error in the lcfg file.
  • After the first few hundred rpms have been flagged, you will be prompted to enter your admin/principle and password
  • The machine will now take around an hour to complete the install
  • Allocate the machine to the user using ii edit. It may take a couple of hours for the hostname to show up in the inventory.

-- JenniferOxley - 04 Dec 2018

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