How to install a DICE machine

BIOS settings

  • Enter BIOS (usually F10)
  • Take a note of the mac address from the Advanced System information
  • Change the administrator password to the DICE one
  • If an HP G2 or G3, load the BIOS settings from the usb stick in IF-2.09 or AT-4.11
  • If an older spec machine, you may need to manually enable settings such as Virtualisation (VTX) and remove boot from CD, usb

Register machine, must be done in this order

  • Check hostname is not already in use (ii query)
  • Allocate IP in dns/inf
  • ssh lcfg and run:
    tail -f /var/lcfg/log/server
  • Create lcfg profile in format below. Must contain first install line at the top of file. Set correct machine model and the wire to match the IP range.

 /* helena */  #define FIRST_INSTALL  #include <dice/os/sl7.h>  #include <dice/hw/hp_elitedesk800g3.h>  #include <dice/options/office-forum.h>  #include <live/wire_forum.h>  dhclient.mac 18:60:24:98:b8:82 / * End of file */

  • after saving the lcfg file, return to your window on lcfg server to check it compiles successfully
  • If the machine has previously had a different IP address, then you will need to kick the server depending which building you are installing the machine in
 ssh ifdhcp (or atdhcp)
 om dhcpd configure 
If you have made a typo in a machine name when creating a profile, you can delete the profile

Install the machine

  • Boot up machine and keep pressing F12 until it enters PXE (network boot)
  • If machine fails to contact lcfg server, check you have the correct mac address, and network port is on the appropriate wire
  • From the DICE install menu, select SL7
  • Enter the install password
  • Wait a moment until the prompt to press 'I' (Install) followed by 'Y' (Yes to confirm). If it fails at this point, probably an error in the lcfg file.
  • After the first few hundred rpms have been flagged, you will be prompted to enter your admin/principle and password
  • The machine will now take around an hour to complete the install
  • Allocate the machine to the user using ii edit. It may take a couple of hours for the hostname to show up in the inventory.

-- JenniferOxley - 04 Dec 2018

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