Project Development Meeting (IF-2.33 10:00 - 12:00) - Minutes 2013-11-06

Present: Alastair, Neil, Iain, George, Ian, Roger, Toby, Alison, Chris,Tim (convener and minutes)

1. Minutes of last meeting


2. Matters arising

Update on actions from last meeting.

  • Take to CSG policy on not archiving and just deleting accounts after grace period. [Action Alastair]
  • Review of OpenLDAP DICE client configuration
    • Deploy a TLS configured client/server onto COs desktops for initial testing. In progress. Done.
  • Webmark Reform
    • Do a demo of prototype. [Action Graham]
    • Do a talk on "connection pooling". [Action Graham]
  • Replace CVS with SVN on www.inf
    • Check through previous commits to pick out possible admin users for targeted migration assistance. Done.
  • Software Download Portal/Repository: Stage 1s
    • Need to raise awareness, e.g. blogging and telling incoming PhD students. [Action Tim]
    • Add documentation to and add to "Research Project" user guide documentation and "Lifecycle" (when that exists). Done.
  • Redevelop User Documentation
    • Submit the skeleton system status summary from Nagios project (for maintaining the status tab). [Action Stephen]
    • We should be getting emailed (annually?) when pages we own need to be reviewed. Turn this on. [Action Alison]
    • Run a scan of pages in www.dice and wiki.inf/DICE which need to be pulled into Done fair bit, ongoing. [Action Chris]
    • Look at the support contact page to see if we can migrate into Drupal. [Action Alastair]
  • Software Download Portal/Repository: Stage 1s, Redevelop User Documentation
    • Take to CEG for ratification. [Action Tim]
  • Produce project sign-off checklist. Should include (among others) check boxes for end-user and technical documentation having been provided. [Action Tim]
  • Streaming Media Service Requirements
    • Mail out "draft" report. Done.
  • All to add CSO effort to SL6 upgrade final reports (if not there already). Done.

New actions from this meeting.

3. Approved Projects

See Activity with annotated comments from meeting.

4. Project Status Changes

5. System Blog Articles

  • Git

6. SL6 Upgrade Discussion

  • Bugzilla has no scripting API and dependencies are complex to manage
    • just need a simple overall structure with blockers added as we hit them
    • is there a simple bugzilla replacement that meets our needs, e.g. Trac
  • desktop/server split is not necessarily beneficial
    • desktop/server are identical at platform/MPU layer, DICE adds small environmental differences (e.g. bashdefenv) and then R&T packages on top of this
    • an earlier split would be beneficial so we can upgrade against a more minimal server platform (most stuff will work fine without remaining DICE add-ons)
    • we should use/develop/test with the "inf" layer more, make more of our DICE layer work directly under "inf"
  • we should not have done SL6 across the board (some servers could still happily be on SL5), but this would mean
    • managing more than one OS
    • remembering to test against different versions of LCFG components
    • heavier porting cost of new software versions to older OS
  • SL6 upgrade did force version upgrades, but this meant
    • doing two things at once
    • and anyway version upgrades should not be waiting on OS upgrades (except where there are large dependency problems)

7. AOB

-- TimColles - 27 Nov 2013

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