Development Meeting

Room IF-4.31 - Minutes 2010-05-05

Present: Neil Brown, Roger Burroughes, Tim Colles (convenor and minutes), Alison Downie, Ian Durkacz, Graham Dutton, Craig Strachan, Stephen Quinney, Gordon Reid, George Ross, Iain Rae, Alastair Scobie

Apologies: Toby Blake, Chris Cooke

1. Minutes of last meeting


2. Matters Arising

  • Alastair will discuss automated ACL management for shared folders on staffmail with Chris Adie. Craig will discuss with Neil and construct email to send to Scott and/or Chris. Solution found without IS needing to do anything, but need to check with Scott. Craig will make this a Services minor project. [Action Craig]
  • CUPS needs a service catalogue entry. Project completion also requires a switch to using the IS cups component, upgrade to the newest version of cups and some configuration moved out of live headers. [Action Gordon]
  • Produce Data Protection statement for database service. Tim will add to DevProj entry as a deliverable. Done.
  • Improve communication with users - Would be worth having small self-contained workshops on useful subjects (such as AFS ACLs, Kerberos etc). Add to things this project is supposed to kick off. Process has started with an AFS workshop planned.
  • inSpace - Problems with users tampering with facilities they shouldn't be with consequential effort cost to ourselves to fix up. Alastair will speak to Jon Oberlander and Mark Daniels. Done and agreed on acceptable wording for rack sign. Tim will deduct effort spent from inSpace allocation. Approx half day. Done.
  • Staffmail Migration - We need a way to automate the @inf alias creation for new staff, possibly via Prometheus conduit and the database. Craig will investigate what is required and likely effort. Craig will make this a Services minor project. [Action Craig]
  • Staffmail Migration - Still not clear if out requirements for the central mailing list service will be effectively met, Craig will investigate what is happening. Graeme on holiday, will report back at next meeting. [Action Craig]
  • AFS - The "mountpoint db" milestone will be addressed in another project, Craig will add to the appropriate devproj entry. Added to further AFS enhancements project.
  • loghost implementation - George to do talk at next technical talk slot so outstanding questions can be discussed fully. George did a talk.
  • Create a project to look at checking the strength of existing passwords on the KDC and/or checking password strength when changed on the KDC (at the moment strength checks are only made on DICE clients). [Action George]
  • Create a wiki page for "devproj" enhancements. Done.

3. Approved Projects

See Activity with annotated comments from meeting.

4. Project Status Changes

The following projects were signed off :-

5. New Proposed Projects

  • SICSA Website - Iain
    • Started already. Approved move to Implementation.
  • F12 DICE Desktop - Iain
    • Started already. Approved move to Implementation.
    • Lab upgrades likely to be mid-July to end-August, need a deployable DICE F12 desktop by then at latest. Hoping to start staff desktop upgrades at the same time. Will need DICE F12 login desktops soon for early testing.
    • Add milestones/bugzilla for individual services (DICE environment, printing, Cosign, etc). [Action Iain]
  • Prometheus AFS PTS Conduit - Craig
    • Started already. Approved move to Implementation.
    • Needs a Code Review milestone. [Action Craig]
    • As an aside Alastair notes that the installroot project also needs one. [Action Alastair]
  • Port inf-unit components to FC12 - George
    • Approved move to Implementation.
    • Adjust milestone dates to so crucial service ports are done sooner (e.g. openldap, pam, etc). [Action George]

6. AOB


-- TimColles - 27 May 2010

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