Development Meeting

Room IF-4.31 - Minutes 2010-04-07

Present: Toby Blake, Tim Colles (convenor and minutes), Alison Downie, Graham Dutton, Craig Strachan, Stephen Quinney, Chris Cooke, Gordon Reid, Iain Rae, Alastair Scobie

Apologies: Neil Brown, Roger Burroughes, George Ross

1. Minutes of last meeting


2. Matters Arising

  • Alastair will discuss automated ACL management for shared folders on staffmail with Chris Adie. Craig will discuss with Neil and construct email to send to Scott and/or Chris. [Action Craig]
  • Craig/Neil will add in architecture design and consideration of resilience and offsite mirrors to the "Future Direction of Main Informatics Web service" project. Done.
  • Publish TODO list and timeframe for deployment of Prometheus. Done, but milestones need to be updated to match. Done.
  • LCFG inf level port to Fedora 12 - Iain will look at mock. Done. Anyone can included "mock.h" in their machine profile to be able to build F12 packages (although ideally should use a 64bit machine to get full benefit).
  • Redevelop User Documentation - The project description needs much more detail on how it will be done, effort estimate and milestones. Needs more milestones as from review, e.g. produce a document on proposed structure. Done.
  • Replacement of LPRng with CUPS - Some small refinements remain and will be tracked at CEG before ratification. Done.
  • CUPS needs a service catalogue entry. Project completion also requires a switch to using the IS cups component, upgrade to the newest version of cups and some configuration moved out of live headers. [Action Gordon]
  • Add a "user acceptance" state for projects prior to sign-off. Done.
  • Produce Data Protection statement for database service. [Action Tim]

3. Approved Projects

See Activity with annotated comments from meeting.

  • Improve communication with users - Would be worth having small self-contained workshops on useful subjects (such as AFS ACLs, Kerberos etc). Add to things this project is supposed to kick off. [Action Alastair]
  • inSpace - Problems with users tampering with facilities they shouldn't be with consequential effort cost to ourselves to fix up. Alastair will speak to Jon Oberlander and Mark Daniels. [Action Alastair]. Tim will deduct effort spent from inSpace allocation. [Action Tim].

4. Project Status Changes

The following projects were signed off :-

  • Staffmail Migration - Final Report
    • The "shared mailbox" automation enhancement will become a Services mini-project.
    • We need a way to automate the @inf alias creation for new staff, possibly via Prometheus conduit and the database. Craig will investigate what is required and likely effort. [Action Craig]
    • Still not clear if out requirements for the central mailing list service will be effectively met, Craig will investigate what is happening. [Action Craig]
  • Future direction for the main Informatics web service - Final Report
    • Changes remaining needed for IIAB are trivial.
  • AFS - Final Report
    • The "mountpoint db" milestone will be addressed in another project, Craig will add to the appropriate devproj entry. [Action Craig]

5. New Proposed Projects

  • loghost implementation - George
    • Needs to describe the services that will be provided by the project (e.g. central loghost, logs repository server, etc).
    • In the light of the issues with the ssh servers we should give thought to logging more centrally than currently proposed.
    • Some clients might want to just push local logs daily to a central repository rather than having logs go live to a central loghost.
    • George to do talk at next technical talk slot so the questions above can be discussed fully. [Action George]
  • Move www.inf to new technology - Neil
    • Project approved.

6. AOB

  • Alastair will shortly publish the project prioritisation for T2 (1st May to 31st August). Allocation of people to projects will be done near the end of April.
  • Create a project to look at checking the strength of existing passwords on the KDC and/or checking password strength when changed on the KDC (at the moment strength checks are only made on DICE clients). [Action Infrastructure]
  • Create a wiki page for "devproj" enhancements. [Action Tim]

-- TimColles - 07 Apr 2010

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