Development Meeting

Room IF-4.31 - Minutes 2009-04-01

Present: Neil Brown, Tim Colles (convener and minutes), Chris Cooke, Alison Downie, Ian Durkacz, Stephen Quinney, Iain Rae, George Ross

Apologies: Toby Blake, Roger Burroughes, Graham Dutton, Alastair Scobie, Craig Strachan

1. Minutes of last meeting

Wiki topic needs to be renamed to 2009.

2. Matters Arising

  • Revisit Account Management Simon had produced the discussion paper and the next step will be for George to call a meeting of interested parties. The subject will be discussed at the end of this meeting and the need for and nature of any further meeting will be dependent on the outcome of this.

Because of Simon's absence it had not been possible for George to speak to him about this.

Simon pointed out that the meeting was needed to sort out the short term problem of instituting a procedure to remove any extraordinary kerberos principles belonging to people who have left. George will arrange a meeting between himself, Simon and Ken.

Simon stated that the only thing that needed to be agreed was that when a person's DICE account was deleted that all Kerberos principals associated with that person need to be deleted as well.

This action has been transferred to Alison. Its really just documentation.

Action carried forward. [Action Alison]

It would be useful to get a list of current kerberos principals that do not have a corresponding LDAP entry. This ought to be a trivial script. Toby has written a script to do this, currently in /afs/ It showed up one user principle without an LDAP entry which should be deleted.

Add comments from Alastair into the project description and leave pending (not in project priority list for next six months).

Action carried forward. [Action George]

  • George should document how the host keys of the ssh servers can be preserved during upgrades.

Action carried forward. [Action George]

3. Approved Projects

  • Transition of Informatics staff mail services to Staffmail Still two users to move (old folders not incoming mail). Should have moved by meeting next month so extend milestone until then. Also add milestone(s) for looking at what to do with shared IMAP folders. The two users still remain although Neil hopes there move will be complete by the end of this week. Action carried forward. [Action Craig]

  • JavaMC - Proof-carrying Java Code Funding ran out so moved to sign-off. Needs a final report. Graham has done the final report. Needs to be sent around COs at least one week prior to the next development meeting. [Action Graham]

  • The Inventory System project still required a more technical document overview before it could be signed off. Alison believes she now has sufficient technical documentation and will mail around for comment. Alison only has hardcopy but believes she has now tracked down online versions which she will now send round COs. [Action Alison]

  • LCFG buildtools rewrite Everyone was happy to sign off. Should now go to CEG for final ratification. [Action Tim]

4. New Project Proposals

The following projects were all brought to Proposal stage as they were on the list of priority projects for the next six months. Those not moving from Proposal to Evaluation or Implementation below (either due to not starting soon or needing the project description fleshed out) will be kept in the agenda for subsequent meetings.

We should arrange a meeting of interested parties to discuss and flesh out the proposal by the next meeting. Ian has been talking directly to interested parties and has completed the proposal. This should now be sent round COs so the project can be moved to the next suitable phase. [Action Ian]

Left for a future meeting as the proposal needs fleshed out with a plan, milestones and expected effort. [Action Alastair]

Needs LCFG managed aspects added to the project description and fleshed out with plan, milestones and expected effort for the next meeting. Action carried forward. [Action Craig]

Needs milestones added for waiting on Mediascape and Meeting Rooms group. Milestones have been added, this project should now be moved to Implementation. [Action Alison]

In progress already so move straight to Evaluation and add milestones for significant dates. Action carried forward. [Action Craig]

While we could consider a move to Confluence this has no support for iFriend or group access control which are locally important. Our Twiki software is ancient. This will make a good PDP. Work already started. Move to Evaluation and flesh out with a plan, milestones and anticipated effort in time for the next meeting. Action carried forward. [Action Roger]

Not currently LCFG managed however it is in use as our primary backup technology. Chris likely to start work on this next month. Move to Evaluation and Chris, Craig and Alastair will discuss and flesh out with a plan, milestones and anticipated effort in time for the next meeting. Action carried forward. [Action Craig]

This project is already in progress and should be moved to Implementation. [Action Iain]

The following projects were not raised for moving phase at this meeting:

5. AOB

The next meeting will be on May 6th in the Forum.

-- TimColles - 01 Apr 2009

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