Development Meeting

(Room 2511, JCMB)- Minutes 2008-05-07

Present: Toby Blake, Neil Brown, Tim Colles, Chris Cooke, Ken Dawson (convener and minutes), Ian Durkacz, Iain Rae, George Ross, Alastair Scobie, Craig Strachan

Apologies: Simon had sent his apologies.

1. Minutes of last meeting

These were accepted.

2. Matters Arising

Seventeen out of the twenty seven computing staff had now moved their mail service to staffmail.

Paul has now moved but Simon will not be able to move for another month or so. Neil reported that the Default quota had now been increased to 2 GB. However this was a limit that could not be exceeded until IS introduce a mail server with a later version of Cyrus software.

Richard and John have also still to move.

Richard was going to try to move today.

Craig commented that one of the non-computing staff on the Computing Strategy Group had now also moved to staffmail. There was no longer a 2GB limit to mail boxes and new staff will only get a staffmail mail account; an alias for their inf mail address pointing at their staffmail address will automatically be inserted into the alias file for the inf mail server.

Simon had still to migrate to staffmail. [Action Simon]

Craig will find out if there is any substantive reason why Simon has not moved.

Craig has established that Simon has not yet moved his mail to staffmail, however it was agreed that the remaining actions under this topic should be dropped.

  • Revisit Account Management Simon had produced the discussion paper and the next step will be for George to call a meeting of interested parties. The subject will be discussed at the end of this meeting and the need for and nature of any further meeting will be dependent on the outcome of this.

Because of Simon's absence it had not been possible for George to speak to him about this.

Simon pointed out that the meeting was needed to sort out the short term problem of instituting a procedure to remove any extraordinary kerberos principles belonging to people who have left. George will arrange a meeting between himself, Simon and Ken.

George is yet to arrange this. [Action George]

* DICE SL5 Server Platform There were two pieces of software that had not apparently been ported to the SL5 64bit platform (the SL5 platform was complete). Toby confessed that he had actually ported Cosign to SL5-64 but had not closed down the corresponding bugzilla bug. Stephen offered to look at the outstanding problem. Ian will talk to Stephen about this.

George has still to port his tnm package to 64-bit. This software is in the tkined rpm. Ian has been looking into compiling this on a 64-bit SL5 platform.

George has not had time to carry out this action because of pressure from more urgent work. [Action George]

The other implicit action on Craig to amend the proposed date for the 'All Staff to AF' milestone of the AFS project has been completed.

3. Approved Projects

  • Inventory System Ken described the remaining work planned for this project and explained that the final parts could only go ahead after the completion of the work by CSOs of checking for errors in the existing record of locations of systems based on LCFG profiles. Once this has been done, any systems that really do still exist but which were not ordered by Sheila and recorded in the orders database and subsequently transferred to the School database, will be added to the School database. At this point header files generated from the database can be included in machine profiles automatically. At this point inventory information on the locations of machines will be mastered in the School database, rather than in LCFG machine profiles.

  • Infrastructure for New Informatics Forum There was further information on the desk wiring work that is currently under way in the Forum and the need to allocate computing officer time to this task in order to complete it on schedule. This will partly depend on having a safe means of entry into the building so that staff do not need to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Replacement of LPRng with CUPS Craig explained that we would be using Kenny MacDonald's version of the CUPS component. He is happy that it is suitable for both client and server configuration. CUPS will be made the default printing interface once the SL5 client platform was distributed.

  • LCFG buildtools rewrite Alastair will ask Stephen to update the proposed dates for all the outstanding milestones of this project. [Action Alastair and Stephen]

  • Cluster Parallel filesystemIain believes that we can legally install the GPFS software on our machines but we won't be able to upgrade it without taking further steps with respect to licenses. Iain will update the milestones to reflect the new situation. [Action Iain]

  • DICE SL5 Services Apart from server affected by the NFS problem Ian thinks that it should be possible to upgrade the rest in the next couple of weeks.

  • SL5 Desktop Tim reported that about three quarters of the 'Teaching' rpms and about a third of the 'Research' rpms had been ported to SL He warned that increasingly problems would arise where required software that had been available under FC6 but was not yet available under SL5 or versions were older under SL5 or dependencies conflicted.

The following three projects were signed off by the meeting and go to CEG for ratification:

Craig was asked to fork a new project to handle the final stages of the web CMS work. [Action Craig]

4. New project proposals

5. AOB

Neil asked Tim about the use of the fields of the service catalogue called 'User Feature ...'

The next meeting will provisionally be on June 4th in the Seminar Room, Buccleuch Place.

-- KenDawson - 07 May 2008

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