Development Meeting

(Seminar Room, Buccleuch Place)- Minutes 2007-12-05

Present: Paul Anderson, Toby Blake, Neil Brown, Tim Colles, Chris Cooke, Ken Dawson (convener and minutes), Ian Durkacz, Bill Hewitt, Stephen Quinney, Iain Rae, Gordon Reid, George Ross, Craig Strachan

Apologies: Alastair had sent his apologies.

1. Minutes of last meeting

These were accepted.

2. Matters Arising

Seventeen out of the twenty seven computing staff had now moved their mail service to staffmail.

Paul has now moved but Simon will not be able to move for another month or so. Neil reported that the Default quota had now been increased to 2 GB. However this was a limit that could not be exceeded until IS introduce a mail server with a later version of Cyrus software.

Richard and John have also still to move.

Richard was going to try to move today.

Craig commented that one of the non-computing staff on the Computing Strategy Group had now also moved to staffmail. There was no longer a 2GB limit to mail boxes and new staff will only get a staffmail mail account; an alias for their inf mail address pointing at their staffmail address will automatically be inserted into the alias file for the inf mail server. [Action John, Simon]

  • Revisit Account Management Simon had produced the discussion paper and the next step will be for George to call a meeting of interested parties. The subject will be discussed at the end of this meeting and the need for and nature of any further meeting will be dependent on the outcome of this.

Because of Simon's absence it had not been possible for George to speak to him about this. [Action George]

The proposed date had not been changed but as the milestone has now been achieved the date will now be left as it is.

  • System Monitoring The final milestone, which was there because the original plan had been to test the system monitoring on the AFS component and then roll it out further, was judged to be no longer relevant to this project; the milestone for hooking AFS into the system monitoring framework has been shifted to the AFS project. Simon should delete the milestone from this project and mention the circumstances in his final report.

The milestone was not deleted, so in Simon's absence George agreed to delete it. [Action George]

  • Transition of Informatics staff mail services to Staffmail After some discussion it was realised that there were still one or two pieces of work to be done associated with this project, getting agreement from CSG and actually planning/organising the move. Craig will add additional milestones.

Craig had added a milestone for getting agreement from CSG but has still to add the second one mentioned above. [Action Craig]

Consideration of this action was overlooked.

All other actions from the last meeting have been completed.

3. Approved Projects

  • Production Condor Service Iain had forgotten to update which was the current milestone. In fact he had already achieved what was still recorded as the 'current' milestone. Iain will correct this. [Action Iain]

  • Web Technologies and Policy Neil had not had time to work on the current milestone 'wcmsauth' because of additional tasks that the Head of School had asked the Unit to do at short notice. Neil believed that it would not be prudent to make the change now before Christmas and so Craig will agree a more realistic proposed date for this milestone and update it. [Action Craig]

  • Infrastructure for New Informatics Forum The current milestone 'forumPractComp' (which is of course outside of our control) has slipped again. George reported that there are some significant dates coming up for the Forum: responses to the procurement process are due in next Monday; we'll need to evaluate them, and then put in an order; that will need to be delivered; and then the kit will need to be set up. That's quite apart from getting into the building, and installing equipment. George would like to discuss these with Alastair first, though, before putting additional milestones in.

  • Infrastructure for Appleton Tower Refurbishment George reported that AT events are mostly externally-driven for the next while. Probably the best that he can do is put milestones in marking the significant events, and adjust them in the light of what the contractors and architects end up doing.

The following three projects were signed off by the Development Meeting and go to CEG for ratification:

4. Service Catalogue entries for new services

Ken reported that CEG had decided to create an Informatics Service Catalogue and that any new or significantly changed services should have an entry in the catalogue created at the end of the project that covered the production of the new/changed service. Tim explained his proposal for creating records of services for the Service Catalogue.

Tim received several helpful comments on the draft web form that will be used to create the service catalogue entries.

Tim will assist Toby, Stephen and Simon to create records for the Cosign Service, the LCFG Distribution service and the iFriend service respectively.

5. Technical presentation and discussion of projects

6. AOB

The next meeting will be on February 6th in the Seminar Room, Buccleuch Place.

-- KenDawson - 05 Dec 2007

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