Project Development Meeting (JCMB Room 2511)- Minutes 2007-05-02

Present: Paul Anderson, Toby Blake, Tim Colles, Chris Cooke, Ken Dawson (convener and minutes), Ian Durkacz, Sheila Gardner, Iain Rae, Gordon Reid, Alastair Scobie, Craig Strachan

Apologies: George gave his apologies.

1. Minutes of last meeting

These were accepted.

2. Matters Arising

  • Lightweight Accounts: There was a meeting between Neil, George, Craig, Toby and Simon to discuss this issue. Notes of the meeting are here.

  • Increase the number of nodes in the 64 node cluster. - The next milestone, reconfigure rac, had slipped because of the impact of having to work on higher priority console server work. Iain will move the proposed date for this milestone back to the end of March.

Iain has now finished this work. He still needs to enter the changed data into the project database. [Action Iain]

  • Introduce a Production FC5 Desktop - local printing is working on the print servers but hasn't been checked on a normal desktop. Support for scanners also seemed in some doubt.

The MPU unit have looked at the scanners support and it turned out that it was only one make of scanner that was problematic; it is now supported.

Neil has still to check that local printing does work.

This has now been done and the new rpm will be included in tomorrow's stable release for machines with the corresponding header file included in their profile.

Neil has still to change the proposed date for the procedures milestone to April 4th.

Neil had changed the achieved date to April 4th.

Paul reported some difficulties in using the staffmail machine when in the United States.

The dates proposed by Craig were accepted by the meeting.

  • FC5 services - Of the remaining servers still running FC3, the master KDC will be upgraded by Toby today, copacabana and ipanema will be upgraded by Iain in the next few days, leaving the upgrade of the master LDAP server and boogaloo the jabber server.

The server ipanema had ben upgraded to FC5 and copacabana will be shut down tonight and installed tommorow by Iain; the delay had been to avoid interrupting a long running job on copacabana. The jabber server will be upgraded next week. The master LDAP server will be moved to an FC5 machine on May 17th. [Action Toby, Iain, Services Unit]

  • OpenLDAP Upgrade - The upgrade_master milestone has slipped. Toby will mail CEG with a revised proposed date.

The upgrade of the master LDAP server will be May 17th (after further load testing and while Simon is available over the phone in case of emergency).

All other actions from the last meeting have been completed.

3. Approved Projects

  • Inventory System - Ken will present his proposals in the second half of the meeting.

  • Future Console Servers - Ian has produced a very good paper on the options and awaits comments from anyone with an interest in using console servers.

  • AFS file system - Craig reported that there had been a slight slip because of recent disruptions. The users should be moved to AFS by about the middle of next week. After a recent meeting of the AFS project team workarounds/solutions have been found for the problems that might have prevented users from moving to AFS.

  • Improved LCFG Distribution - Alastair explained that the milestone for supporting MacOSX would need to be delayed considerably (probably several months) and that the milestone for support of Solaris would need to be delayed till the end of May. The project should be placed in the Stalled state once the Solaris milestone has been achieved and restored to Implementation stage once work can continue on support for MacOSX. [Action Alastair/Stephen]

  • OpenLDAP Upgrade - Toby should change the proposed date for the upgrade to May 17th. [Action Toby]

  • IGS Database Work - Tim reported that this work had in fact been completed and that the project database had not been updated. He will be moving it to the Sign Off stage after the meeting. [Action Tim/Rosemary]

  • System Monitoring - In Simon's absence Toby reported that Simon was unsure of why the current milestone had been proposed and has suggested a set of new milestones. Toby will forward on the proposed milestones to Ken for information. Craig reported that the monitoring was not yet implemented to the satisfaction of the Services Unit (the essence of the current milestone). Simon should enter the proposed milestones. [Action Simon]

  • Introduce a Production FC5 Desktop - Ian should mark the current milestone (Final deployment) as achieved with a suitable achieved date, add a new milestone for the report and make that the new current milestone. [Action Iain]

Three of the four projects at stage 4 Sign Off (64-bit FC5, Development of Proof General for Eclipse and Development of HiGraph Application) were agreed to be at least nominally at a point where they should be signed off; these will go to CEG for ratification/comment.

Project Management System was signed off by four of the units but not by the Managed Platform Unit. Further improvement of the authentication mechanism was requested when access is from non-DICE machines.

4. New project proposals

There were none.

5. Technical presentation and discussion of projects

6. AOB

The next meeting will be on June 6th in Buccleuch Place.

-- KenDawson - 02 May 2007

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