Project Development Meeting (KB)- Minutes 13/9/06

1. Minutes of last meeting

There is still some information missing from the summary entries for several projects. It was agreed that timescales are not appropriate for all projects (eg. low priority projects), in which case, this should be stated in the summary.

[ACTION] All project leaders to ensure that summary entries are complete, including timescales (or an explicit statement that there are no fixed timescales).

[ACTION] Paul will advertise the project Wiki pages to all staff.

2. Procedures

The suggestions from the last meeting had been incorporated into the procedures. The following (new) procedures were agreed for "signing off" projects:

  • All Unit leaders (and the development meeting convenor) must actively confirm satisfactory completion of project (by email).
  • The peer review requirements for a project must be agreed at the time the project is proposed, and listed in the project plan.
  • Final ratification of the signoff is required by CEG.
  • The signoff for the project should include a short document describing any lessons learned from the project planning, including difficulties with the timing, and the procedures themselves.

[ACTION] Paul to update procedure page to reflect this.

It was agreed that we should attempt to use the current procedures for about 6 months and have a more thorough review at that time.

[ACTION] (March 2007) Review procedures.

3. Approved projects

[ACTION] Tim to include any appropriate timescales in the summary for the condor project.
[ACTION] Tim to include any appropriate timescales in the summary for the web services project.
[ACTION] George to fill in the summary for the monitoring project.
[ACTION] Chris/Alastair to decide if any peer review is appropriate for the release management project.
[ACTION] Chris to mail unit leaders seeking comments/approval for closing the release management project.
[ACTION] Stephen to fill in the summary for the LCFG web site project, including stages & milestones
[ACTION] Alastair to mail round proposal/plan for 64-bit project for approval.
[ACTION] Iain to request sign-off of FC5 desktop plan at next meeting.
[ACTION] Neil to have list of services for FC5 service project by next meeting.

4. New project proposals

The Solaris LCFG project was approved to start.

[ACTION] Chris to create appropriate summary entry in the active project list.

Unit leaders should monitor the list of pending projects for all units, so that they are in a position to comment on the relative priorities, when approving projects to "start".

5. Project management project

Ken presented the proposal for the project management software, and demonstrated a simple prototype. This was approved in principle. It was agreed that an early prototype was the best way of evaluating the proposal and identifying the essential features - some requested features may be deferred to a second phase.

Some additional features were suggested:

  • A user preference panel, including preferred text field sizes.
  • Assigning of projects to units.
  • The ability to mark changes as "minor" (not included in the history), or "significant".

[ACTION] Ken to make prototype available for people to play with.
[ACTION] All project leaders to enter data for their own projects.
[ACTION] All to comment (to ken) on functionality & requirements.
[ACTION] Ken to continue work on the implementation and present a revised plan & feature list at the the next meeting.

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