Project Development Meeting (KB)- Minutes 8/11/06

1. Minutes of last meeting

  • People should mail Ken with any requests for things to be added to the documentation for the project management software.
  • [ACTION] Stephen to add a comment to the LCFG web project documentation saying that it will be reviewed by someone in EE.
  • [ACTION] Chris to add comment to Solaris project saying that it will be reviewed by Craig.
  • [ACTION] Iain to produce list of outstanding issues which prevent the FC5 desktop project being closed. These include closure of Bugzilla component entries, DIY client configurations, and desktop printing.
  • Someone from user support should be able to help with the IP filter project.

All other actions from the last meeting have been completed.

2. Procedures & Tracking Software

  • It was agreed that we should move to using the new software instead of the Wiki for tracking projects.
  • [ACTION] Paul to obsolete the Wiki pages for the current projects.
  • [ACTION] Alastair to link in any other relevant documents (Eg, CSG) to the procedures page.
  • [ACTION] All to transfer basic entries for pending projects into tracking system for next meeting. The "status" field should be used as a free text field to indicate the priority of the project (eg. "strong wish").
  • [ACTION] Alastair to consider how requests for (a) admin projects, and (b) externally generated, general projects (eg. auth SMTP) should be handled.
  • The new version of the procedures was accepted.
  • [ACTION] Ken to renumber stages on existing projects to match new stage numbers.

3. Approved projects

The approved projects can now be directly reviewed at the development meeting from the new project management software. It was agreed that only a brief summary of the status was required at the meeting, for most projects, with discussion being reserved for those projects which required revision of timescales, or had other difficulties.

  • [ACTION] All - the "next milestone" and associated comment field should be used to summarise the next action on the project for the development meeting, and should be uptodate for each meeting.
  • [ACTION] Alastair to discuss progress on the transition of servers to FC5 with the unit heads (this is likely to be behind schedule).
  • It was agreed to suspend the rpmsubmit project until the 64bit project has been completed, due to lack of effort.
  • [ACTION] Craig to discuss timescales for the monitoring project with Simon.
  • [ACTION] Alastair/George to flesh out the stages and timescales of the Forum/AT projects.
  • [ACTION] Craig to mail round for agreeement on closure of Samba project (this was carried forward from last time pending discussions on some outstanding issues).
  • [ACTION] Alastair to take the release management project to CEG for formal signoff.

4. New Project proposals

  • [ACTION] Paul to add a statement to the procedures indicating that new project proposals for consideration at the development meeting must be circulated one week in advance.
  • [ACTION] Iain to amend the proposal for the cluster project to include timescales and review arrangements. This should then be circulated to unit heads for acceptance directly into stage 3 by email.
  • [ACTION] Iain to amend the proposal for the gridengine project to include timescales (no review). This should then be circulated to unit heads for acceptance directly into stage 3 by email.
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