Project Development Meeting (BP)- Minutes 4/10/06

1. Minutes of last meeting

It was generally agreed that attempting to estimate timescales for projects was a useful exercise which was showing up unrealistic estimates. It was agreed that all projects (except explicit background projects) should include timescales, even if these were uncertain. It was noted that external (to the CO group) users should be warned not to rely on these timescales without consultation with the appropriate Unit. Since approval for various stages requires active confirmation from all unit heads, email requests for approval should include a response deadline to avoid delays.

  • [ACTION] All project leaders to ensure that summary entries are complete with timescales.
  • [ACTION] Paul will add a comment to the procedures noting that external (to COs) users cannot depend on published timescales without explicit agreement from the Unit Head.
  • [ACTION] Paul has updated the procedures page, but this requires further work to clarify the situation with approval of R&T projects. Paul has produced a further draft (including simplifications of the stages), and if CEG are happy with this, it will replace the existing version.
  • [ACTION] Paul will write a newsletter article on the development meeting process to clarify this for staff.

All other actions from the last meeting have been completed.

2. Project Tracking Software

There was a general agreement that people had not had sufficient time to evaluate the prototype for this, and we would extend the evaluation until the next meeting. Ken will continue to enhance the prototype in response to received comments.

  • [ACTION] All project leaders to enter data for their own projects into the prototype system, and provide feedback directly to Ken (for next meeting).

3. Approved projects

  • An internal (Stephen for the MPU) review was agreed for the release management project.
  • [ACTION] Craig will mail round to request approval for the Samba project.
  • [ACTION] Ken will write some documentation for the project management software.
  • [ACTION] Chris to collect email from unit leaders agreeing to closure of release mgmt project.
  • [ACTION] LCFG website project to use external (EE?) reviewers.
  • It was agreed that the FC5 services project should be considered as "accepted".
  • [ACTION] The Solaris project will use someone from the services unit for external review.
  • [ACTION] Iain still to request sign-off of FC5 desktop plan at next meeting.
  • [ACTION] Neil still to have list of services for FC5 service project by next meeting.

4. New Project proposals

Web Technologies

Since this project has a very significant investigation and evaluation phase, it was agreed to redraft the project to include only the evaluation. Implementation of any recommendations would be a separate project. The project description should also include some text about the importance of selecting the correct technology after a full investigation. The project was accepted with these modifications.
[ACTION] Craig to ammend the project description.

Publishing Media

It was noted that the process of this evaluation was important, since effectively surveying users was difficult. It was also important to investigate central University facilities and plans, and to ensure collaboration with the above "Web Technology" project. The project was accepted.

LDAP Projects

The following LDAP projects had been started before the project management process and should be considered "started".

New Building Projects

The following projects are being spun-off from the overall new building project. These were approved in principle, although it was noted that they are not all likely to be resourced soon, and are listed in priority order. It was noted that we should collaborate with EUCS wherever possible, eg. on dot1x.

IP Filter Project

It was agreed that this project was a good idea, but had a lower priority than other Infrastructure projects.

[ACTION] George and Ken to discuss whether someone from the User Support Unit may be able to assist with this project.

5. AOB

The dates for the Development and User Support meetings will be swapped for November and December.

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