Project Development Meeting (BP)- Minutes 2/8/06

1. Minutes of last meeting

Few units have updated the project summary pages as agreed at the last meeting. We aqreed to confirm the following interim procedures, pending the arrival of specific management software:

  • Project leaders are responsible for updating the summary entry for their projects on the Wiki page.
  • These should point to valid descriptions of the project.
  • These should be updated regularly (for public consumption) and at least before every project meeting.
  • The summary entry should include the project state.
  • The summary entry should include all proposed milestones, including timescales.

[ACTION] All project leaders.

  • Paul has updated the procedures on the Wiki as actioned at the previous meeting.
  • CEG agreed that work which did not fit the "project" model well (eg. new building work) should still appear as a "project" so that the work was visible. These "projects" should include pointers to decriptions of the work which should be regularly updated.
  • Ken has provided a Wiki page for input on the project management projects and discussed the proposal with Paul.
  • [ACTION] Paul will advertise the project Wiki pages to all staff after the next meeting.

2. Approved projects

The approved projects were briefly discussed. This lead to a discussion of procedures for peer review and monitoring. The following was proposed:

  • New project proposals must be presented to the Development Meeting for approval of the initial resource allocation and prioritisation.
  • Once the project evaluation is complete (stage 5), written documentation of the evaluation, and the proposed solution must be posted to the web, and notified to COs by email.
  • To allow for peer review, all Unit leaders (and the development meeting convenor) must actively confirm acceptance of the proposals (by email) before the project can proceed with implementation.
  • Leaders should nominate deputies with the authority to make this decision if they are absent.
  • Ad-hoc meetings may be called to resolve any concerns over the proposed implementations.
  • If concerns remain which cannot be resolved informally, then the decision to proceed must be deferred to the next project meeting where there will be an opportunity to discuss the technical issues involved.
  • If a concensus cannot be reached at the meeting, the decisions will be escalated to CEG.

A similar process should be used for "signing off" a project, except that projects signoff will be ratified by the development meeting, and by CEG.
[ACTION] All to respond to Paul (or COs) with comments on this procedure.
[ACTION] Paul to add this procedure to the official procedures once it is agreed.

3. Project management software

Ken has been investigating Ruby on Rails for the project management software and will bring a more detailed proposal to the next development meeting. [ACTION] Ken.

4. New project proposals

The ongoing monitoring project had not been included in the original set of accepted projects, and should be included.
[ACTION] George to create a summary entry for this project.

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