Project Development Meeting (IF-2.33 1000-1130) - Agenda 2016-09-21

  1. Summary of last meeting (2016-08-03):
    1. Lightweight Talks: (these are twenty minutes to half an hour)
      • #385 - Gitlab service - Craig
        • using real hardware for now (an old server).
        • not usually a good idea to use real servers -> as we donít want to increase our footprint
        • will use HTTPS only if possible
        • worried about updates -> eg openssl
        • a one off would be ok => but how do we cope with an increase in these (software bundled with core libraries)
          • would be good to support these as would be cheaper to throw up a not-a-service
          • discuss at a TDM meeting - brainstorm
        • setup email to unit to catch notice of updates
        • craig to check that any old punter canít create an account or create a repository
      • #362 - SL7 DICE servers upgrade - Chris
      • #168 - Password strength checks - Toby
        • Update for discussion
        • needs work from other units
          • services - password portal
          • MPU - remove cracklib from pam stack
        • need documentation updated
        • want to get this in service ASAP, at least before new students turn up
          • must get this done by end of August
    2. Project Completion:
    3. Actions (actions will be dropped from here if added to the relevant project home page)
  2. Project Completion:
  3. Lightweight Talks: (these are twenty minutes to half an hour)
  4. AOCB

-- TimColles - 20 Sep 2016

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