Project Development Meeting (IF-1.16 1000-1130) - Agenda 2016-04-20

  1. Summary of last meeting (2015-04-06):
    1. Lightweight Talks: (these are twenty minutes to half an hour)
      • School Database Revamp: Phase 1B & 2B - Tim
        • overview of the old->new migration framework I put in place and am shortly about to throw away
        • slides reconsituted from whiteboard to follow ...
    2. Actions (actions will be dropped from here if added to the relevant project home page)
      • Add "security of configuration peer review" to standard project deliverables. Done.
      • SL7 server platform
        • Amend to add another target date for when all servers should be upgraded to SL7 by (current target date is for when all servers should be capable of being upgraded to SL7).
      • Improve LCFG apache configuration support
        • MPU to clarify what has been done (including related headers) so far in apacheconf project. We will need to use the new apacheconf component on SL7.
  2. Project Completion:
  3. Lightweight Talks: (these are twenty minutes to half an hour)
    • None
  4. AOCB

-- TimColles - 19 Apr 2016

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