Project Development Meeting (IF-1.16 1000-1130) - Agenda 2015-10-21

  1. Summary of last meeting (2015-10-07):
    1. Lightweight Talks
    2. Project Completions
      • USU - Decant - Final Report - Approved
      • Services Unit SL7 Desktop - Final Report - Approved
      • Services - Decant - Final Report - Approved
      • Provision of secure web service for user data - Final Report - Rejected
        • firewall hole needed for access outside EdLAN .
        • we should use a URL redirect/rewrite to hide the "~" in the path (as Neil said otherwise we would need a patched version of apache).
        • can we proxy sweb from groups.inf so if people want to use sweb they can still do so under the groups.inf URL thus hiding sweb.inf as we see this technology being used ultimately on groups.inf and homepages.inf and then deprecating sweb.inf.
        • we need to look at how we (possibly manually initially) handle the admin principals for access as at the moment we can only assign a maximum of 500. Toby had old source to automate some of the process for handing these out to users (e.g. based on roles). This also needs to be added as an outstanding issue on the final report.
        • the final report does not record the amount of effort taken.
    3. Actions (actions will be dropped from here if added to the relevant project home page)
      • Look at SL7 Window Manager defaults handling. Done.
  2. Project Completion:
  3. Lightweight Talks: (these are twenty minutes to half an hour)
  4. AOCB

-- TimColles - 19 Oct 2015

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