Project Development Meeting (WB-G.12 1000-1130) - Agenda 2015-09-16

  1. Summary of last meeting (2015-09-02):
    1. Lightweight Talks
      • IPv6 - George
        • We should have a statement explaining why we do not use EdlanDB (unlike almost all other schools)
        • Establish what CSE is doing for IPv6 rollout
        • Project should proceed over evaluation time until Stage 8 and then fork separate development projects for each implementation bit
        • Write a blog announcing we have started investigations
    2. Project Completions
    3. Actions (actions will be dropped from here if added to the relevant project home page)
      • [ACTION: Alastair] Broadcast policy that staff accounts are NOT archived when leaving the University, maybe in the School newsletter. Decided to blog about this now, and republish in newsletter should it ever exist.
      • [ACTION: MPU/RAT] We have decided on the default Gnome3 for new users under SL7 and suggest Mate for existing users that wish to retain the current Gnome2 look and feel on SL6. MPU looking at NX, commercial equivalent or maybe properly packaged VNC - however this will not necessarily default to the same WM as the user has on the desktop.
      • [ACTION: MPU] Look at Window Manager defaults handling
  2. Project Completion:
  3. Lightweight Talks: (these are twenty minutes to half an hour)
    • None
  4. AOCB

-- TimColles - 15 Sep 2015

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