Project Development Meeting (WB-G.12 1000-1130) - Agenda 2015-09-02

  1. Summary of last meeting (2015-08-05):
    1. Lightweight Talks
      • Firewall Holes Procedural Automation - Annual Firewall Review - Alison
        • Use an RT "scrip" and automate putting firewall requests into a dedicated queue, setting the next reminder date, etc.
        • Reminders should get sent to (all) requesters and support
        • We should keep "one" ticket open (in dedicated queue) for the firewall holes (on a machine, even if multiple owners)
        • Ipfilter should pull firewall holes automatically some grace period after review date has past and and reminder sent to RT (which would automatically go to requestor(s) and support), then support just update the review date in the machine profile (once all holes have been confirmed and any not have been closed)
        • Note that review should be at "machine level" but holes are against distinct people potentially (this may mean newly requested holes may get a review within one weeks, however this shouldn't happen so often as to be an issue), so one review date set for all ports set on opening as the first port or as support want e.g. for setting the initial review dates in ipfilter
        • One person should be responsible for all holes on a machine even if actually requested by more than one different person
        • Acknowledge that there are some edge cases that will need manual handling (e.g. demos server)
    2. Project Completions
    3. Actions (actions will be dropped from here if added to the relevant project home page)
      • [ACTION: Alastair] Broadcast policy that staff accounts are NOT archived when leaving the University, maybe in the School newsletter. Decided to blog about this now, and republish in newsletter should it ever exist.
      • [ACTION: MPU/RAT] Make decision on Mate and/or Cinammon and/or Gnome3/Classic desktop under SL7, including what to use for NX. Performance check needed. Investigate alternatives. MPU need to do a virtual desktop for SL7.
      • [ACTION: Alastair] Others send edge conditions to Alastair.
  2. Project Completion:
  3. Lightweight Talks: (these are twenty minutes to half an hour)
  4. AOCB

-- TimColles - 31 Aug 2015

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