Project Development Meeting (IF 4.31/33 10:00 - 12:00) - Agenda 2014-05-07

1. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of last meeting

2. Matters arising

Update on actions from last meeting.

  • Take to CSG policy on not archiving and just deleting accounts after grace period. [Action Alastair]
  • Redevelop User Documentation
    • Submit the skeleton system status summary from Nagios project (for maintaining the status tab). [Action Stephen]
    • We should be getting emailed (annually?) when pages we own need to be reviewed. Turn this on. There is now an automatically maintained page indicating which pages need review as a first step towards automated email. A link needs to be added to this. The link has been added. [Action Alison]
    • Look at the support contact page to see if we can migrate into Drupal. [Action Alastair]
  • Deploy Git/Gerrit as full services
    • Use of AFS+SSH to solve end user managed access control means that iFriend write access to Git repositories for collaboration will probably not work as-is (would require full DICE account). Needs consideration (e.g. use https instead) but does not need to block this approach. Still considering, but not an explicit project requirement so sufficient to just prove the principal. [Action Craig]
  • Review of OpenLDAP DICE client configuration
    • Investigate using SSSD minimal cacheing to protect against connectivity issues, although this may just be an action to create a separate project. Try a hand crafted NSLCD equivalent configuration to test. There was then a discussion about our general strategy for "disconnected operation" with no specific outcome (other than we need one). Toby has briefly investigated SSSD and it looks good, works and is easy to configure. It requires DNS SRV records (so A record rotation won't work to distribute load). We could look at this for SL7. It belongs in this project but discuss. [Action Toby/Ian]
  • Deploy Git/Gerrit as full services
    • Circulate documentation. [Action Craig]
  • Produce a not-a-service for trialling
    • Inform original project submitter of final report conclusion. [Action Tim]
  • Raise an operational meeting topic for discussion on roles and their usage following on from Graham and Tims recent IRC discussion. [Action Graham]
  • Make sure CEG has an action to discuss and make a decison on OpenLDAP client approach. [Action Tim]
  • Provision of secure web service for user data
    • Add a link back to the originating parent project from the descriptor. [Action Roger]
    • Add a plan and a list of open questions. [Action Roger]
  • Local Forum Service - Alison
    • Add a proper justification statement for why we are not using Learn (for the Teaching requirement). [Action Alison]
  • Revisit Account Management (Prometheus)
    • Create a new project descriptor to cover addessing the remaining work for the "multiple identities" aspect of the project. [Action Toby]

3. Approved Projects

See Activity with annotated comments from meeting.

4. Project Status Changes

None as yet.

5. System Blog Articles

  • Git

6. Projects Changes

Overview and discussion of proposed changes to Development Meeting, projects submission, prioritisation and administration.


-- TimColles - 21 Apr 2014

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